Baton Creole

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Badass Cajun in East Austin – home of jambalaya on-a-stick! Open since February 2013, Baton Creole is the dream of owner-operator Lynzy “Pub” Moran, a Louisiana native that wanted to blend the flavors of traditional Southern Louisiana cooking with Austin food trailer culture. Dishing up southern hospitality and blasting soul and r&b tunes from her big pink trailer, Pub serves up cajun classics with drunk, late-night consumers in mind: jambalaya on-a-stick & her beignets are the perfect post-bar walking food, while homemade gumbo, etouffee and crab boil potato salad are southern staples that are good any time of day.
Vegan Options: Spicy Tofu Jambalaya on-a-stick (communal fryer)
Vegetarian Options: Green Bean Casserole, Tofu Jambalaya, Potato Salad

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7 reviews

  1. Aug C., May 01, 2014 - Baton Creole

    Mouthsturbating. That word just spontaneously birthed itself in my brain while eating here. Holy friggin crap. Respectably spicy. Full awesome flavas that helped my mouth completely override my stomach; I came for one dish, I left with FOUR in my delightfully distended belly. This is why I don’t wear skinny jeans.

    Etouffee. Divine. Balanced savory, spicy, helluvalotta crawdaddy. I would have devoured it faster but I actually sat there tasting and thinking about it. Thinking about putting more of it in my mouth.

    Beignets. Perfect amount for dessert, good sugaring (not the hair-removal kind), and light enough to enable the additional food onslaught. On a stick so it’s neat to eat too!

    Green Bean Casserole. It was like a 90’s ugly-chick movie where I didn’t even notice it on the menu. At all. I got to try some while standing in food reverie at the winder. GET IT WITH THE BLACKENED CHICKEN. It was like when the “ugly” chick takes off her glasses and then BAM best thing ever. Surprise shocker.

    Gumbo. What I initially planned to order before the Green Bean Casserole detour. Get it with the potato salad scoop, it complements the Gumbo well. Potato salad was well-flavored and held its own in the Gumbo. And I generally think potato salad is a waste of time.

    Wait, back to the Gumbo. Spicy. Dark and smokey. Nomful okra. Chicken was so well integrated it was just like chewy awesome Gumboflavor. Sausage was friggin smoked and bbqd and I just wanted more. I gazed at the bottom of the bowl when I finished. I was almost sad to be waddling away soon.

    But I was f-ing thrilled by the experience. Music was all classics. Lindsey made it feel like I was in her backyard. What a Wonderful World played. It was the perfect song for the meal.

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  2. Jennifer W., May 12, 2014 - Baton Creole

    Lynzy is a total doll, the food truck is adorable, and the food delicious. Definitely an Austin staple, as you won’t find her Creole Jumbalaya Baton anywhere else. Her beignets are also seriously fantastic as well.

    Grab a snack, and if you want, sit at a picnic table and enjoy the darling little park with various cute food trucks.

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  3. Arielle F., Aug 08, 2014 - Baton Creole

    Suuuuper good, home made food that makes me feel loved. I’m not an expert on Cajun cooking, but I know what I like and I know what good cooking is. This is it, y’all. I am surprised to say that I love the green bean casserole with fried onions and chicken. It’s spicy and cheesy…whaaaat!? Baton creole also has a bad ass gumbo with nice little buttery crawfish nuggets. It’s a good deal, fills you up and it’s cute and pink! Service here has always been absolutely delightful, we like to joke around and she remembers me every time now :)

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  4. April H., Aug 20, 2014 - Baton Creole

    Amazing everything. Made and served by the badass owner herself. Can’t recommend it enough.

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  5. Jeff W., Oct 02, 2014 - Baton Creole

    Best gumbo I’ve ever had in my life. No embellishment. Dark roux, which infuses the chicken with a blatant spice. Not too salty. The best roux I have ever had by far.

    The potato salad has a solid kick to it as well. Tasty tasty. All of the ingredients fit together in flavor and in texture. If I could cook like this at home I would never eat out.

    Prices are more than reasonable, especially compared to every other place trying to peddle gumbo in Austin, and the quality is better here. There is no denying it. I can’t wait to try out the rest of the menu.

    5 stars is well deserved. Service is also far above average.

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  6. Whitnee R., Oct 05, 2014 - Baton Creole

    Let’s talk about Baton Creole, where last night I experienced a revelation, an epiphany, and a cajun dream come true. My guest and I went to east side filling station because I heard about this truck serving fried jambalaya on a stick (?!) and vegan gumbo, so after having been craving it all week, we ordered close to the whole menu. Needless to say, I had pretty high expectations.

    Baton Creole exceeded all of said expectations, sent my taste buds on a trip through several other dimensions, and came with a delightful experience of meeting the truck’s owner, Lynzy, as well.

    She recommended we try a scoop of potato salad on top of the vegan gumbo, and good god I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. It added a flavorful creaminess to a dish already packed with spice, and it won a bit of my heart with every bite. My carnivore guest, who is sometimes harder to please with vegetarian food, was also beyond pleased. The vegan andouille sausage tastes like the real thing, and most importantly, it all tasted like the secret ingredient behind it was a tender, epic love.

    The fried jambalaya on a stick was magical, packed with flavor and spice, crispy on the outside and creamy on the in. And the beignets we finished with were so fabulously divine, (soft, fluffy, and sweet) that after having finished an entire stick of them, we went back and ordered more to take home with us.

    The phenomenal food speaks for itself–I rarely feel that a meal is worth absolutely every penny, but feel that Baton Creole deserved it all. But what you really need to know is that the owner, Lynzy, is a real gem of a gal, who tied it all together for me. So often you encounter a place with delicious food and obvious cooking talent, but are turned off by their snobbery and constant patting themselves on the back. I love knowing that my support went to someone who, beyond a shadow of a doubt, deserves it all. It was a real pleasure, Lynzy. You keep doing your thing and I’ll keep raving and eating it up.

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  7. Eve R., Oct 10, 2014 - Baton Creole

    We really, really like this place. The folks are super nice, and the food is . . . well, I’m guessing not authentic, but really fun and different. The fried jambalaya on a stick is ridiculously good. It seems like a state fair sort of thing, and it probably is. I mean, jambalaya on a stick? Really? But do it. Seriously. RIght now. Do it. Yum. Probably terrible for you, but who cares? Super delish. The etouffe is also darned good.

    Pro tip, make sure to check in on Yelp to get your free beignet! On a stick, of course. Again, your arteries won’t thank you, but your tastebuds will.

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