Chupacabra Cantina

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Here at The Chupacabra Cantina we serve up some of the most delicious and award-winning Tex-Mex food in Austin, combining tradition and adventure. We serve 12 different kinds of frozen margaritas, use fresh squeezed juices, have a great selection of draft and bottled beer, and offer over 50 different Tequilas.

Whether it is a quick lunch, happy hour margaritas and appetizers, a great sit down dinner, late night drinks and 6th Street bar-hopping, or a catered private event, we offer a fantastic experience. We are located in the heart of Historic Old Austin, and offer indoor and outdoor facilities.

Cantina Hours
11 am – 2am seven days a week.
Kitchen open ’til 1:30am

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Chupacabra Happy Hour

Happy Hour is 3 - 7 PM every day.
$3 Frozen Drinks | $2 Domestic Beer | $3 Imported Beer

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7 reviews

  1. Jesse C., Jun 22, 2014 - Chupacabra Cantina

    I’ve been living in Austin for about a year now and the more I would go back to the 6th St. area and the surrounding blocks and I started to notice that most of these bars and nightspots are pretty bad..

    That is until I went to Chupacabra.

    First the goods!

    1. Draft Beer! – Tired of Dos XX, Shiner, Bud Light and Corona? They had a nice little selection of local brews. Sure there are other places on 6th that have local drafts as well, but those are usually live band/pubs…. Chupacabra felt more like a jumpin’ mini club!

    2. The Margaritas – All it took was 2 Texas Tornados and we were set for the night. Sure they’re a little pricey, but do yourself a favor and get one. You’ll get more bang out of that drink than buying cheaper well drinks.

    3. The DJ(little guy with an Apple computer)is by far the best party DJ I’ve heard in a long while. Perfect mix of old school and new. By 11PM the place was packed wall to wall with everyone having fun. Hope they keep the dj!

    And finally, the bartender name Jake was extra cool. He kept the beer pouring and the drinks moving. By 1AM I was wasted and he was cool enough to take care of me for that final hour by offering me ice water on the house…I didn’t even have to ask he just kept refilling my cup. THIS goes a very long way. Most places couldn’t care less what happens to their customers once 2AM hits, but he was super cool and considerate. I wish more places would look out for their customers like this.

    The bad

    Bathrooms are too small and the place in general is too small. But considering it’s one of many tight spots on the 6th St. strip, it could be worse.

    I’ll be back to party again… most fun I’ve had on 6th ever.

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  2. Myke C., Sep 10, 2014 - Chupacabra Cantina

    Insanely good tex Mex! Best jalapeno poppers in Texas! The goat burger… Yes. Just yes!!! Great drinks as well. One of my Top ten eateries in Austin.

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  3. Bill G., Oct 23, 2014 - Chupacabra Cantina

    Stopped in to check out the fish tacos and they did not disappoint. Grilled fish tacos had a nice, large piece of fish. Fresh graded mozzarella cheese was a nice match, and the pineapple salsa added a twist. I would love to see a blackened version available for some extra kick. Overall a great experience matched with a solid local brew. If you love fish tacos like I do give them a shot

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  4. Alisha G., Nov 04, 2014 - Chupacabra Cantina

    I sumbled upon Chupacabra during my first trip to Austin TX. I arrived with two of my girlfriends on monday night, ready to hit the strip on 6th ave, but first we needed a little bite to eat.
    We were pointed in the direction of the Chupacabra and I couldnt be more thankful!
    Best fish tacos around!

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  5. Leila R., Nov 19, 2014 - Chupacabra Cantina

    I am not one to frequent Dirty 6th, as a matter of fact, I tend to avoid it like the plague of fratsorority 20-something ATX tourist infestation that it is.

    That being said, like any Austinite who has lived here more than the month (unlike most of the people you find on D6) every now and again I have to serve my semi-annual penance and go to D6 for some event or friend’s birthday or to show a visiting friend/relative/perspective AirBnB client what to avoid after their first time here; I just so happen to be in the vicinity for a “special event” this Saturday night.

    I also usually loathe the parking sitch on D6 because of the lack thereof on top of dealing wall the skunky drunkies on and off the road. I kid you not, but I actually witnessed 2 car accidents on my walk from Red River to the Chupacabra and one very near hit and run on my walk back. The D6 stretch is not for the faint of heart, folks!

    Why am I telling you all this? Because when I say I’d brave D6 on my next downtown misventure to get another burger here, you know I am not paying lipservice!

    I was starving because there was not free noms at the “special event” I went to and I was at the point of famine where my primal urges set in and I just want a juicy chunk of meat and a beer and anything that gets in my way will have to deal with the consequences and repercussions. However, thanks to Yelp’s new “emoji search function” when I put in the emoji for a burger and a beer the first place to pop up was the Chupacabra (no joke!) and a Godzilla like incident was happily avoided.

    I was a lil put off initially cuz this definitely had a “Bro Bar” vibe when I entered, but after I was immediately greeted, sat and my really accommodating waitress (who, bless her heart, had the Bro Table next to me) immediately brought me a water and took my order and then immediately brought me my beer, I was impressed! Even when I told her I was on “meter time” (I miraculously found a spot, but the 3hr max goes by quick in D6 time) she even brought me out my tab & took my payment before my burger came out!

    Speaking of…I had the honey jalapeno cheeseburger (sans the actual jalapenos because my stomach and they are not on speaking terms) and though it took longer to come out than it did for me to inhale it, it was worth the (epically long) wait! This thing was so damn juicy, greasy, honey bacony w/the flavor kick of the jalapeno w/o the pain that I was in carnal lust! Add to that the surprisingly delicious waffle fries ($1.99 upcharge) and I was in horkdown-heaven!

    The beer was $5 for the pint of Hijack Cream Ale and the burger w/fries came to $10.48, so with the well-earned tip, I walked away dropping $20 and gaining a 5lb food baby, but you always get a little bit of price uptick on 6th and though not what I would usually spend for a burger, fries and a beer, it was not a bad deal comparatively with other places around town.

    So well done Chupacabra, you have managed to somehow make me hate Dirty 6th a little less tonight.

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  6. Ty S., Dec 16, 2014 - Chupacabra Cantina

    I like to swing by Chupacabra early in the night to grab some grub before bar hopping. They recently changed their menu and have a bunch of new taco options. I asked the friendly bartender which 2 tacos to get, and he suggested the Honey Jalapeno Chicken and the Pork Belly. Each taco was great. And they have a wide selection of local draft beers. Great place for food and beer on 6th.

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  7. Bob M, Dec 27, 2014 - Chupacabra Cantina

    Good bar for cold craft beer. Try the apps-they are very good. Bartenders are friendly and take their recommendations for food.

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