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Cuvee Coffee Bar, a 6th Street Coffee Bar and Café serving traditional espresso beverages and pour over coffee, thirteen taps–ten dedicated to craft beer, two provided for select wine and one reserved for Black & Blue, Cuvée’s nitrogenated cold craft coffee. Not just cold brew coffee, Black & Blue is nitrogenated coffee, served cold on tap–a step beyond conventional cold brew coffee. Pastries from Texas French Bread, stroopwafels from The Stroop Club, and local Tacodeli Tacos all add to the experience.

Founded in 1998, Cuvée Coffee had a humble beginning as an exploratory hobby in a Dallas warehouse. Mentored by his uncle, owner Mike McKim found enjoyment in the roasting process and quickly realized that his product was in great demand. Soon, Cuvée Coffee was being credited as the pioneer of specialty coffee in Texas. Today, Cuvée Coffee is a craft coffee company located in Austin, Texas that strives for innovation in its coffee roastery, cold coffee brewery, training facility and retail location.

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7 reviews

  1. Brent A., Oct 19, 2014 - Cuvee Coffee Bar

    Wow! This was probably one of the best Americanos I have ever had.

    When I entered I was a little flustered on where to order, but the staff there was extremely friendly and helpful. You select the bean you want and then they freshly grind it and make the espresso.

    The location is very nondescript, well, except for the big sign outside. But the interior finish out is done extremely well. A great addition to the east side, and I will make sure I visit again.

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  2. SJ M., Oct 27, 2014 - Cuvee Coffee Bar

    Cuvée was suggested by a friend as it’s close to my office. The espresso with milk is utterly fabulous, I buy it in a 12oz cup. It’s perfect.

    Staff are friendly, the selection of pastries is growing and as the weeks go by the place feels more established with everyone finding their place. The interior reminds me of some of my favourite spots in London, so I’m a fan for both the coffee and the place in general.

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  3. Marco C., Nov 16, 2014 - Cuvee Coffee Bar

    First off, If you’re looking for wi-fi, do not come here. Personally, I’m appreciative of Cuvée’s vision to see this spot as a social joint where people aren’t glued to their computers, tablets, and phones. There’s no right or wrong – it’s just different! Besides, there’s no mandate that a coffee shop must have wi-fi. I frequent many shops, and there are plenty of other options where you can go to have internet access. Here, come for the drinks and friends. .

    To the actual review, I love Cuvée – they roast up some fantastic beans and their Black & Blue is delicious. I’m so glad they opened up their shop! I’ve had great interactions with the staff thus far. I love the design and how open the space is, and I find it to be open and inviting. Super thoughtful bathroom design. I’m a coffee geek, so I’m appreciative of the different beans, methods, etc. that you can select for your drinks, and they’ve got beer on tap as well.

    I’m looking forward to my future visits. East Austin is bumpin’.

    Tip: Follow @CuveeColdBrew on Twitter. I don’t know who’s behind that thing, but they’re hilarious.

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  4. Amy H., Nov 23, 2014 - Cuvee Coffee Bar

    is is a place that makes coffee a science. They’ve got a very exact way of brewing coffee – both myself and my boyfriend are doctorates in the science field and both of us remarked how similar Cuvee’s methods are to a lab. They’ve got the exact mass of coffee, exact temperature and timing of brew and some seriously cool machinery. Very sleek bar for reasonably-paced flow.
    Taste-wise, it’s probably one of the best espressos and cold brews I’ve had. No bitter aftertaste, no burned taste of beans at all and truly the perfect temperature. A drink that really lets you appreciate the coffee flavor at it’s purest. Baristas were quite knowledgeable and open to discussing as well.

    True, no wi-fi, but I understand the model that you’re here for the coffee not for the free internet.

    Only disappointment is we googled had to see if the owner had any educational background in science or engineering (it seems unlikely he does not), but could find very little biographical about him!

    Highly recommend for a unique experience and an possible ahead-of-the-times concept.

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  5. Adam C., Nov 30, 2014 - Cuvee Coffee Bar

    New Fave Coffee Shop. Very friendly folks. I also like that i can get waltons quality product there. I know its just a blueberry muffin but yeah they are really good. Alot of the neg reviews center around them not having wifi I cant really blame them honestly. People think these coffee shops are free office space. There hours are consistent which is something I struggle with at other shops and your drink is not 80% ice. Im a fan.

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  6. Amy D., Dec 08, 2014 - Cuvee Coffee Bar

    Cuvée Coffee Black & Blue is the best cold brewed coffee I have had. It is the first nitrgonated coffee which gives it a nice thick frothiness. Its rich nutty flavor reminiscent of a porter makes it simply the best.

    The custom metal work that makes up the bar, taps and the amazing fixture above the bar was made by Blackwell Welding just outside of Austin. They do espressos, pour overs, have 9 beers on draft and two wines on tap. The space is awesome and they can boast having one of the top baristas Lorenzo Perkins on their team. The one thing they don’t have is WiFi (by design). Luckily most cell phones can be turned into a WiFi hot spot if you need to get some work done.

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  7. Michelle S., Dec 18, 2014 - Cuvee Coffee Bar

    Cuvée is my favorite coffee bean Austin has to offer and ever since they opened up this shop, I’ve been hooked and perfectly caffeinated. The baristas are all very knowledgeable of all the products they offer and all of the products they offer are top knotch. Keep it up you guys.

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