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Daruma Ramen specializes in whole chicken broth ramen made with eggless tapioca-based ramen noodles. All of our stock and bases are freshly made every day from scratch. Whole chicken broth has many great health benefits such as lower calories, lower cholesterol, and high in vitamins. It allows us to make our ramen with a light and delicate flavor that you can enjoy until the very last sip of soup.

Our menu is very simple. We offer just four varieties of ramen: Shio, Shoyu, Miso, and Vegetable (which is vegan). All four ramens have a very unique personality so you can choose your ramen based on your diet or your craving.

Our interior design was done by Richard Weiss. He was able to bring a very cozy traditional Japanese ramen shop ambience with some modern, sophisticated, yet warm, welcoming set up.

Small key items: Our beautiful chopstick/napkin holders and the exterior signage were crafted by the local wood worker, Brian David Johnson.

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13 reviews

  1. Lara C., Sep 20, 2014 - Daruma Ramen

    Loved this place! I think people come here expecting something different, but if you come in with an open mind then you’ll love it! Miso ramen was fantastic and I always get an extra egg. If they have it definitely try the roasted sesame ice cream!!!

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  2. Brent A., Oct 24, 2014 - Daruma Ramen

    My friend and I decided to go here, I am always scared about parking on 6th street, but there was a parking lot nearby with inexpensive (not free) parking. But that was good enough.

    The place is really cute, it is set up community style with two long benches. When we got there, there was only one other party there, but it filled up quickly. I had a Japanese beer on draft (they have a few), veggie miso ramen, and green tea soft serve.

    It was extremely nice to have the veggie miso, a lot of soup based items aren’t vegetarian, so it is great to have a place that does. I wish the ramen had just a little more flavor to it, but overall it was really good.

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  3. Sujin Y., Nov 12, 2014 - Daruma Ramen

    Making the best of being cold and hungry…while the place is hoppin and super crowded:

    1. It’s all family style sitting and this place is small. Don’t bring all of your Facebook friends and their 1+. It also seemed hard for odd numbers of people (mostly 3’s) to get seated. The magic number on a crowded night? Two.

    2. Service was a-okay. There was only one waiter and he seemed redonkulously busy. Kudos to you mister waiter to keeping it together. (But for reals).

    3. Food is served slowly but the beers come out fast. Be patient! It’s pretty darn good and worth the wait.

    4. Be merry, enjoy your company, and don’t complain about the wait. Everyone can hear you…we’re all knocking elbows…

    5. Spicy bomb on the side = best decision ever! Are you a wuss? Put a little in. Can you handle the hottest of the hot? Dump it all in!

    6. Order extra noodles. It was cold. I was hungry. The broth was DELICIOUS. There was an egg ALREADY in my ramen (didn’t have to pay extra). I looked down and everything was gone…sadface. I should have ordered more noodles. Don’t be like me. Order extra noodles!

    IMO, all ramen places are crowded, mostly likely overhyped, and you end up waiting in line because you’re already there and unwilling to compromise for something else.

    This place is worth it, young Padawan. The broth is deliciously chicken (a great alternative from the usual pork). The noodles are fresh and chewy and you should ORDER EXTRA! The ambience is very ramen house…eat and leave. All of it is perfectly ramen.

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  4. Bryan L., Dec 10, 2014 - Daruma Ramen

    Awesome food, awesome cooks, awesome service:-)
    Friendly, comfortable, Japanese establishment that’s perfect spot for a incredible lunch or dinner at a perfect price. Cooks were so cool:-)

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  5. Jasmine X., Dec 18, 2014 - Daruma Ramen

    I love my Asian food and I’m only in Austin for a few days, so I made it my mission to try as many of the ramen places as I possibly could. Daruma Ramen was one that I could actually walk to, so it was an obvious must.

    Anyways, Daruma specializes in chicken broth ramen which is much lighter than the typical tonkotsu stuff that most ramen places sell, and I loved it. My friend and I showed up around 6:30 which is right during their happy hour, 4-7pm ish I think. Definitely ends at 7. Anyways, during happy hour, all appetizers are a dollar off, so that conned me into getting an onigiri. I also got the shoyu ramen and if you check in on yelp, you get a free soft serve! Flavor of the day yesterday was salted shiso.

    The breakdown–

    Onigiri–pretty meh, only got it because it was $1.50. There were hardly any fish flakes It was alright, it’s definitely very filling, so if you’re concerned that a bowl of ramen isn’t enough to fill you up, eat a giant rice ball.

    Shoyu Ramen–chicken broth with some soy and seafood flavors–such a win. With ramen, the first thing you notice is the soup. I just had Ramen Tatsuya the day before, so the soup was definitely very different I do have to admit that I found the soup to be relatively flavorless relative to typical ramen soups. It was definitely on the lighter side and I tasted mostly the hint of seafood. I think shoyu was a good choice since the soy makes it a bit saltier. The noodles though–super on point. I loved the noodles. Slightly thicker than typical ramen noodles and extremely chewy–great quality. The slice of pork was also great–very fatty and meaty, delicious! The egg was alright ajitama, nothing special. Also want to give the bamboo shoots a shout out. I would actually definitely go for extra bamboo shoots if I came here. Super tender and flavorful. Definitely go for extra bamboo shoots.

    soft serve–since it was free, of course it was awesome. Anyways salted shiso was a pretty exciting flavor–reminded me of those chinese plum drinks. Sounds unappetizing but was actually super good. It was also just a huge cone which I loved–excellent way to finish off the meal.

    Even though I felt like I ate a lot during this dinner and was definitely very stuffed, I didn’t feel bloated at all which was really nice. Total came out to be $13 and the soft serve I think is a nice touch. Great ramen. Didn’t blow my mind, but I loved every moment of it.

    tldr; great ramen, nothing to complain about. soup bases are lighter than usual so you don’t feel super bloated; don’t forget to check in for a free soft serve!

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  6. Colin D., Dec 23, 2014 - Daruma Ramen

    There’s been a spurt of ramen places coming up in Austin and this is one of the better ones that I’ve been to, but I still prefer Tatsu-Ya. That being said, the location downtown on the east end of central sixth, Kirin on tap, and the really good soft-serve ice cream make this something that might be in my regular rotation.

    The inside is tiny with seating for 20 at the most, so don’t come at a busy time unless you want to wait for a bit. My wife and I were lucky and came a bit early, so we could sit right down. They even had a seat to put the baby’s car seat on.

    The service was fast and friendly. The soup was out just a few minutes after we sat down. The ramen was good, but not my favorite ever. For me, it’s all in the texture of the broth and the broth here was just a bit too watery–in texture, not flavor–for my tastes.

    The most unique/exciting part about this pace is the soft-serve ice cream in different flavors every day. Do not miss that at the end of the meal. The Kirin beer on tap is also a nice touch.

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  7. Ashley M., Jan 02, 2015 - Daruma Ramen

    This place was a little small but the food and atmosphere was amazing. This was my first time eating ramen the real way and I will be back.

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  8. Philip L., Jan 03, 2015 - Daruma Ramen

    My wife and I stopped in here while we were in town for ACL. It was the perfect choice! The staff was friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to offer suggestions. It is a very small restaurant, but I liked the warm, cozy feel to it. We sat at the bar and were able to watch the chefs prepare our meal. The ramen was made with fresh ingredients and had great flavor! Our waiter wouldn’t let us leave with out trying a sample of their wasabi ice cream(it was the last day they would be serving it); we each ended up ordering a cone of it for ourselves.

    We love Austin and are always excited about trying new restaurants when we visit. We were not disappointed with this one and will definitely return in the future!

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  9. Daniel G., Jan 05, 2015 - Daruma Ramen

    Excellent Ramen, possibly one of the best I’ve ever had. We went on New Year’s Day, mostly because it was the only ramen place open, and while the restaurant is very small they are very prompt at getting customers through at a quick pace with out making them feel rushed.
    I got spicy miso ramen; with extra meat, extra eggs, extra spicy and with Avacado. The ramen wisdom very delicious and had a very satisfactory level of heat that both me, a person loves spicy food, and my girlfriend, who thinks medium hot sauce is way too spicy, we’re both eager for more. The avacado, while ripe and delicious, added little to the flavors and I wouldn’t recommend it with the thicker miso broth, perhaps one of their lighter broths would work. All in all a great place for some really great ramen if you don’t mind a wait and a very tight space.

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  10. Luis M., Jan 12, 2015 - Daruma Ramen

    I miss going for Ramen back in my hometown and this place is as “legit” as it gets!!! The broth is everything! Spicy Miso is my favorite!

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  11. Rob Z., Jan 12, 2015 - Daruma Ramen

    Not much more I can say that others haven’t. The spicy miso is the way to go, and a Yelp checkin gets you some free ice cream (the miso butter is BOMB!). Get it if they have it. Very creamy and a nice mix of savory and sweet, kinda like salted caramel.

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  12. Jenna A., Jan 15, 2015 - Daruma Ramen

    Daruma is/was my first experience with ramen so to be honest I don’t have much to compare it to, but I like what I’ve seen so far.

    I’ve been once for lunch and once for dinner. Please be aware that they close from 2:30 – 5:30 during the week. Once I showed up at 5 to find they were closed, went down the street for a drink, came back about an hour later and there was a line out the door. Popular little place! And when I say little I mean little. Daruma consists of two community tables that seat about 8 each, plus a back counter that seats 5ish and a bar in front that also seats about 5. It’s fun to sit at the bar and watch the cooks in action.

    The menu is also very small, but I appreciate places that can master a few items rather than offer tons of mediocrity. I like the spicy miso ramen the best. The broth has a perfect amount of spice, a boatload of noodles, some veggies, and an egg. I’m only able to eat about half and leave full and happy. The shoyu ramen is pretty tasty too.

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  13. Missy B., Jan 20, 2015 - Daruma Ramen

    Cold day? Temperate day? Hot day? All fantastic days to have a bowl of ramen at Daruma.

    They are very tiny and so conducive to a couple of friends rather than a large group. However, they cater to fast eating. Our order didn’t take long and the only reason we stayed for a bit was because we were savoring our meal.

    We all ordered different ramen: miso, spicy, and veggie. The server was willing to explain the broths and extras. Soon we were splashing spoons and slurping noodles. No matter how delicately we tried to eat, we managed to splatter broth all over our faces, clothes, and table. We shared our ramen and found that the spicy was indeed spicy. I ordered the Veggie Ramen (vegan) which had spring mix, bright green slices of avocado, thin carrots and red onion, a few grape tomato, and topped with fried onion and scallions. Halfway through the ramen, I had to stop because I was a bit overwhelmed by the onions. But, it still smelled so good. I added bok choy which made the dish! The noodles were cooked perfectly.

    The ice cream I ordered was a Japanese herb flavor with salt. I thought I would be pleasantly surprised but wasn’t. The first bite had a hint of the herb which tasted fine. This flavor became saltier and saltier with each bite until by the fourth bite I gagged a little. I love red bean ice cream, and if they had red bean ice cream I would have been over the moon. Maybe next time they will.

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