Dirty Dog Bar

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The Dirty Dog is a 6th Street live music venue and bar located in the heart of Austin’s entertainment district with a huge stage, awesome lighting and unbelievable sound. Great staff, happy hour drink specials, over 10 large flat screen TV’s showing all the biggest games. A great place to hang out with friends, catch a live show, throw a party, and watch your favorite team take it to the championship.

Place Categories: Bars and Live Entertainment.Place Tags: bar, drink specials, flatscreen TV, happy hour, live bands, live music, live shows, lounge, and pub.

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6 reviews

  1. Michael C., Jul 10, 2012 - Dirty Dog Bar

    This was our favorite live music spot during our 6th street bar crawl. We spent a good amount of time hanging out here on a Saturday night. I have only patronized this place when there was live music playing, so I cannot speak to how it is otherwise.

    Great, loud, heavy, live, local music. Our favorite band that night was Drastik.

    The drinks were affordable and appropriately strong.

    It’s not fancy, but then it shouldn’t be. It’s just right.

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  2. Patrick D., Dec 17, 2012 - Dirty Dog Bar

    Fuck my tits, this place kicks ass. And as a hub… no, THE hub for local Austin metal acts, they’re proving their worth as a legitimate asset to Austin’s music scene. All the good shit that Emo’s used to be known for somehow migrated over to Dirty Dog. I recently saw Revocation and The Faceless on the same bill. I never knew my boner could cry! (tears of joy) And they have pictures of tits all over the wall! I think I saw a dick up there, too! Shit’s outta control.

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  3. Robert H., Dec 20, 2012 - Dirty Dog Bar

    Woooo! Great place for METAL!!

    My 2 buddies and I were in town for the F1 race and we luckily we caught wind of Shadows Falls playing at this place, we stopped by on our way back from the race and we were able to pick up wrist bands to return later.

    Could not have had a better time!!! My buddies and I are big metal fans so to be able to mingle and take pics with the artist prior to and after their set = AWESOME!! For the performance part the venue provided great access to the stage area, let the crowd police it’self with moshing (all were having fun, no attitudes), the sound was well balanced and the layout had areas to take a break from the energy from the stage. Handful of beers later and 2 great music sets we were full of smiles, great time!

    Strange I thought that at midnight the lights came up, I guess there is a noise ordinance for rock clubs… Oh well, we had our fun, Dirt Dog did us right! Oh, and nice touch to have a poll handy for the girls to show their stuff on! *high fives* :)

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  4. Sherwin S., Mar 14, 2013 - Dirty Dog Bar

    I only stopped into Dirty Dog Bar because it last call ended every where else, but the guys at Dirty Dog allowed us to order a drink as long as we finished before 2am.

    The space resembles a giant warehouse, which is not bad if you want to two-step or dub-step. However, on the night we were there, it was near empty with no music. I would imagine because they were closing and wanted everyone out of there who wasn’t spending some $$$.

    Because it was last call, I simply ordered a pint of beer, which they have a decent selection of. Nothing that will blow your mind, but good local craft beer nonetheless.

    The bartender that evening resembled a biker…a bit scary looking with full grown beard, but one of the nicest bartenders you will ever meet. He was also a UCLA grad, my wife’s alma mater (I am a USC fan), but I didn’t hold that against him.

    Either way, there are far worse places you can spend at a bar…and despite the overall appearance and feel of Dirty Dog, it was surprisingly a fun bar to end the night on!!!

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  5. Kealy L., Apr 11, 2014 - Dirty Dog Bar

    The staff and. Service are great, super personable and accommodating, price Tiffany and everyone are great. The Banda are local on Thursdays, and the 6th street party is great

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  6. Brian F., Sep 27, 2014 - Dirty Dog Bar

    Was visiting Austin (19-21 SEPT) and decided to hit 6th St that Friday. So my g/f and I were just bar hopping in order to check everything out. Ended up in Dirty Dog at the end of the street. Glad we did. My g/f had never been to a place that is geared towards metal. Tombstone Union was performing when we walked in and she was really liking the female vocalist and sound of the band. So we hung out for a bit and ended up staying for the entire set. I was impressed with the selection of craft beer they had on tap and couldn’t argue with the price of $5/pint.

    Crowd was positive and nobody was trying to mosh with those that didn’t want to. I guess the best way to put it was that people not normally use to this type of crowd and vibe feel safe. So much so that my g/f and I ended up going back to close the night out.

    The music from the stage is balanced and the bands that night were all good. I’m definitely going to check this place out again, the next time I’m on 6th St.

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