Due Forni Pizza and Wine

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Two special ovens create two special types of pizza – Neapolitan and Roman style at Due Forni Pizza & Wine. While you may not be familiar at first, we know once you try our signature recipes, along with our selection of hot and cold appetizers, mozzarella bar, feature salads, and inviting wines, you’ll be hooked.

Due Forni is not your “typical” pizza place. While we love pizza, and it’s the heart of what we do, we believe pizza can be done better. What makes Due Forni different is that we create authentic Neapolitan and Roman style pizza. Do you like a crust that is more like a cracker – then Roman is what you are after. For those that want a more soft, yet hearty crust – go with the Neapolitan. While that may seem simple enough, there are only a handful of restaurants in the United States that are making pizza like this.

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6 reviews

  1. Cyrus T., Oct 28, 2014 - Due Forni Pizza and Wine

    I’ve been to Due Forni 3 times now, and each time is better than the last. Due Forni offers 2 kinds of crust, a Neapolitan and some other one that I’ve never tried (Roman?)

    For those who don’t know about Neapolitan pizza, it’s only the best damned style of pie on the planet. They use dome-shaped brick ovens at very high temperatures and the pizza is made super fast…the result is delectable.

    Now, I actually think the pizza at Bufalina is slightly better, best in town, but Due Forni is right up there with House pizza and won’t disappoint. For an added bonus, they have a much bigger menu, full bar, and top notch service. Each time I’ve been, 1 or 2 managers come by to personally check on the tables.

    The restaurant itself is beautiful and large enough that we’ve never had to wait for a table even when it looks full. Prices are on the high side but you’re paying a bit extra for the location, right on 6th and Congress downtown.

    Overall well deserving of 5 stars.

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  2. Aaryn P., Nov 16, 2014 - Due Forni Pizza and Wine

    After we finished our show at the Paramount this evening, which ran late and caused us to miss our reservations, we were scrambling to find a restaurant still open in the area. Due Forni was open, and for that my husband and I were truly appreciative.

    We honestly were just expecting meh pizza with a staff trying to shove us out the door, considering the late hour. Our experience was anything but those things. Kind, attentive service by both our waiter and the manager…yah, we got that. Really good food…yah we got that too. No rush even though we arrived just before closing, and were there eating a half hour after they closed too. Thank you Due Forni, a lot actually. Seriously… you’re awesome!

    My husband and I ordered the Mozzarella Bar – with the smoked mozzarella and roasted tomatoes and it was divine. A generous piece of smoked mozzarella, four warm pieces of really good bread and plenty of tomatoes with arugula mixed in. Creamy…flavorful…smoky…..so good.

    We also chose two pizzas: (about personal size…a little bigger)

    He got the Due Forni and was particularly impressed by the house made sausage. I didn’t think he’d finish that whole pizza in one setting but he must’ve really liked it because he did! He also had some of the waiter recommended chile sauce which he also ate all of… cool.

    I ordered the Bianca Al Prosciutto Cotto and I was also impressed. The cheese was creamy, the meat prosciutto was savory and the Neapolitan crust was really good as well.

    So yah, I’m totally going five stars here. Hot pizza on a late, cold evening in Austin with great service? Yah…. you’ve earned it.

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  3. Robin P., Jan 05, 2015 - Due Forni Pizza and Wine

    Absolutely fantastic. We came in on New Years Day because they had three giant projector screens on the wall and we wanted to watch a football game. The manager was seating people and he put us at a table facing the projector wall so we were directly in front of the center screen. The server was nice, gave great suggestions. The owner was helping run food since there were only three servers. The manager was helping with our table and he was so nice. We had a bottle of Moscato, the semolina gnocchi, Due Forni pizza on roman style crust, gelato, and the limoncello. The food was tremendous, and the ambiance was a relaxing, modern spin on 20’s decor. I will definitely go out of my way to come back to Austin and eat at Due Forni.

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  4. Taryn J., Jan 08, 2015 - Due Forni Pizza and Wine

    My boyfriend and I recently visited this restaurant with another couple and LET ME TELL YOU… I WILL be back!

    First let’s talk about the atmosphere. This place is great for a fun night out with friends. It’s my no means intimate but very fun. Due Forni means “two ovens” which is how they cook their two styles of pizza. A projector displays two screens playing spaghetti westerns over said two ovens on the back wall. The reason for the films? The owner explained that spaghetti westerns were primarily produced and directed by Italians. Seems fitting they would be played in an Italian restaurant.

    On to the food: We started with the mozzarella bar…. do yourself a favor and ORDER IT. We got the Stracciatella cheese and basil pesto. The cheese… THE CHEESE… OMG…. sooooooooooooo amazing. Soft, creamy, fresh, mmmmmm…. I could live off it.

    Next my boyfriend and I shared the Bianca Al Prosciutto Cotto pizza and got it Neapolitan style. This is my favorite kind of pizza… the oven crisps up the crust yet some how it remains chewy. The toppings were fresh, and the cheese just melts in your mouth. If you’re expecting a papa johns pizza… go home. This pizza is delicious art topped with cooked ham, caramelized onions, oregano, and aged balsamic. AHHHHH I WANT SOME RIGHT NOW.

    We finished with the bread pudding, which by all accounts was delicious but by this time I was so full of cheese and pizza I could not give it the proper tasting that it deserved.

    Our waitress looked annoyed to be serving us, and a bit slow but I’m hoping maybe it was an off day for her? It was also made up for by the fact that the owner stopped by to check on us.. he was a lovely man and reccommened that next time we try something more adventerous such as the octopus.

    I will be back… if for nothing else than to gorge myself on cheese until I loose my senses… well played Due Forni…. well played indeed.

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  5. Chuck S., Jan 18, 2015 - Due Forni Pizza and Wine

    Excellent service and good food. Had the special (1/18/15) which was veal fettuccini and was very tasty but could have used a LOT MORE noodles. Very meaty. We also shared the vegetable pizza “roman style” and added basil. The Roman style pizza is very thin crust cooked crispy like a cracker crust. Nice bar. Nice specialty cocktails. Try the “Boston”.

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  6. Bryce B., Jan 24, 2015 - Due Forni Pizza and Wine

    Fantastic lasagne and unbelievably good bread pudding on the dessert menu. Service was impeccable. Press coffee is great. The pizzas are by far the best in Austin. We don’t come downtown often, but this place is one of the few worth the trip.

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