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Elysium Nightclub has been hosting Austin’s alternative nightlife since 2001. The warehouse that Elysium resides in dates back centuries, but since the late 70’s it has been home to a variety of entertainment venues. Elysium is one of the longest standing entertainment venues to date.

Place Categories: Dance Club and Live Entertainment.Place Tags: alternative, dance club, glam, goth, and live music club.

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15 reviews

  1. Susan L., Jan 03, 2008 - Elysium

    We walked into Elysium Sunday night for 80s night and walked into a maelstrom of counter-cultures. The list of party goers included (but was not limited to) punks, lesbians, sorority chicks, goths, yuppies, frat boys, metal heads, gay boys, hipsters, and 80s freaks. I have never seen so much eyeliner applied in so many different ways. Wet ‘N’ Wild should really expand their marketing….

    The highlight of the evening was when a Billy Idol look alike (you know who you are!) hopped on stage and mashed with a sorority chick, grunge dude, and goth queen in a bustier.

    Cover: $4
    Lone Star: $4
    Memories of Elysium: Priceless

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  2. Susi R., Nov 06, 2009 - Elysium

    An excerpt from “A Complete Guide To Identifying and Cataloging Goths”, some of the most common specimens you will see here on a Saturday night:

    Wears fishnets, leather jackets, and vintage band shirts that have been cut-up or otherwise modified. May have teased and dyed hair. Listens to Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus, and Siouxsie and the Banshees. Smokes clove cigarettes, drinks rum and coke. Classification: Old School Goth.

    Wears PVC, towering platform boots, and fuzzy leg warmers. Has dreadlocks, plastic bits, or tubular crin instead of hair. Probably has goggles strapped to their head, and may be carrying glowsticks. Listens to EMB and Synthpop. Drinks something called a Jaded Dragon, which looks a lot like antifreeze. Classification: Cybergoth.

    Wears combat boots, military jackets, and tank tops. Has a shaved head or a mohawk. Accessorizes with spiked bracelets and collars. Listens to music with angry German lyrics and stuff that uses saws as instruments. Smokes like a chimney, drinks beer or whiskey, and will kick your face in if you bother them. Classification: Rivethead, aka Industrial Goth.

    Wears Victorian-styled clothing and corsets. Does hair in a fancy updo, perhaps with a top hat. Listens to Voltaire while drinking a glass of red wine. Classification: Romantic Goth. (If majority wardrobe color is brown instead of black and they have more than one gear or watch part on their person, use Sub-classification: Steampunk instead.)

    Wears t-shirt, jeans, and sensible shoes. May wear a baseball hat. Drinks PBR. Stares at everyone and looks really confused. Classification: Someone who thought it was Sunday 80’s night.

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  3. Jason C., Apr 05, 2010 - Elysium

    Oh Sleazium

    I’ve been here twice on 80’s night, yet I’ve experienced a lot, and DJ Pumpkin Spice spins some great 80’s tunes!

    Here are things that might happen to you (assuming you’re a guy?)

    Get your clothes drenched in sweat from dancing

    Meet some girls that ask you to join them in a risque photo

    Have your shirt ripped open by said girl(s)

    Get discouraged at times by the wealth of lezzies

    Get hit on by a member of the same sex.

    You could avoid the last one by sticking with a group, but where’s the fun in that?

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  4. Holly A., Oct 19, 2011 - Elysium

    Where else can you melt into such glitter goth hotness and witness ‘a la mode floor licking?

    Plenty of room to actually dance, plenty of room to actually mingle, plenty of time to actually palpate some delectable trouble. And, plenty of patience required to get into the god damned bathrooms … way too small for the amount of people up in here.

    Playful DJs and friendly bartenders; coloring way outside the lines with Elysites you will be. No one seems to care who is doing what or who as long as you are having fun … complete with iron cages and smack your bitch up stages.

    Arrive rested – leave exhausted.

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  5. Noelle D., Mar 30, 2012 - Elysium

    Tale of an old school goth girl.

    There was once this art school girl who wore a lot of black and john fluevog shoes. She was a sad girl who’d already had her share of heartbreak for such a tender age; visiting goth clubs all over the southeast looking for that special angsty pre-emo love. She’d dance self-consciously to My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult, Ministry, The Smiths, and Siouxie. Eventually she moved away to a place where there were no goth clubs.

    Twenty years later the goth girl is now a happy suburban housewife. The few black dresses from her old days are in the back of the closet. Last year she was talked into going to a goth club for the first time in years and years. Reluctantly she went. She dug out some black clothes and her awesome knee high boots.

    She realized that her self-consciousness was gone! She didn’t feel uncool or judged. She was fulfilled in her personal life and she was free to dance and dance without fear of judgement. In fact, she received compliments. “Perhaps,” she thought, “the new goth kids aren’t as negative or judgy as the old school goths.”

    Or maybe it was the club. The bouncer is nice. The bartenders are pleasant, if overwhelmed, when it gets crowded. The deejay spins fun songs, some even familiar to the girl’s prime. The fellow patrons are pleasant, not too cool to not talk to. They….smile. Unheard of in the early nineties goth clubs. Or maybe the girl was too self-conscious to notice that they did this all along.

    She prefers going on Saturday nights and after midnight on weeknights. Sunday nights make her sad.

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  6. Ziggy D., Aug 31, 2013 - Elysium

    My favorite days are Fridays and Saturdays. Each day of the week is different but Fri and Sat usually have either a special event or touring industrial band or a dj-dance night with a decent mixture of all industrial subgenres (I do wish there was more harsh aggrotech but it depends on the crowd and djs; the djs are really good about playing what the majority will want so come on out more fellow rivetheads!)

    There should never be a bad rating, if you didn’t like your experience you probably just didn’t go on the right day of the week that fits your likings so please look up the upcoming events and try something you will like. I’ve had all my best nights here (especially the tours, like last night Psyclon Nine and Dawn of Ashes made my year!) best club in Austin!

    I almost never miss bands on tour, many bands plan their tour around this venue and will only play at elysium b/c of good business and the owner(s) and staff actually care and are super friendly to the patrons as well. Never met an owner who says hi to everyone; I didn’t even know he was the owner for a long time.

    I don’t drink often but when I do I have always had awesome service and tasty drink!

    It also does not matter how you dress or look or what you’re into; people of ALL types welcome. I dress different almost every time and never felt judged, I think the people that have mentioned that are just insecure and shouldn’t be! Rock your jeans, work clothes, cross-dressing, glam, classy suit, cybergoth, tribal, gogo, camo/combat, corset, dress, t-shirt, ..banana costume! I’ve seen it all!

    There is so much space but not too much either! Large dance floor, excellent sized stage, good dj booth, great bar, spacious lounge, big outside patio, and a nice green room. Pool tables and games too.

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  7. Lisa B., Sep 30, 2013 - Elysium

    I used to be intimidated by the goth-ness of this bar, but I gave it a try and found it to be amazing!

    Like Barbarella, it’s got 80s and 90s music videos. However, it is much larger with lots of room to dance.

    Give it a try and see for yourself!

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  8. Brian L., Dec 28, 2013 - Elysium

    Went to a special event tonight (last night, whatever); goth show, 4 acts, and an unimpressive playboy bunny who did nothing other than say “sexy” during her 15 seconds on stage. At least, from the perspective of the dance floor…
    I was one of 1 to 4 people dancing for the first hour, but finally others joined in. Always a bit amused at the clubs where only a tiny percentage dance, but the night was fun regardless.
    There were several girls that were much cuter than the playboy bunny (especially the girl that was in red/white sockings…yowza) and the acts were fun. All in all, for this particular evening it was a good time. Speaking as an out of towner…

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  9. Justin M., Jan 10, 2014 - Elysium

    Good layout for sure and diverse crowd. I liked the house DJ/sound guy who was warming up the night.
    I went during Free Week and had a good time. The bands were not great, but I am a critic who also supports musician regardless if I like them or not. Because the show was free, I am certainly not complaining at all!
    I only give 4 stars because one of the bartenders had a totally unnecessary attitude with me because he couldn’t hear me well and just walked away. They weren’t overwhelmingly busy, he just didn’t give a shit. He was the perfect example of a bartender who should be doing something else for a living. His coworker, however, totally took care of the minor miscommunication and I continued on enjoying the night.
    I’ll be back to give it another try for sure.

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  10. Dawn H., Feb 25, 2014 - Elysium

    NEVER KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT AT ELYSIUM! Always a VERY diverse crowd, good dance music, large space.

    Often have bands, acts, or “theme” nights. Vamp, 80s, goth, glam..you name it! Always a good time, More than just a bar; it’s an “experience.” Have never been disappointed!!…until…

    During my most recent visit, their was an “aerial” act ($6 cover). Was told it would begin in about 10 minutes. Over an hour later the “act” began. It was one of the most ridiculous, embarrassing things I’ve ever seen. No Cirque du Soleil here! Two women all twisted up and hanging onto the aerial ribbons for dear life! hahahahaha They had NO IDEA what they were doing! Bless their hearts. :) It was “entertaining” though – just not how I think they intended it to be. Every bit worth the 6 bucks spent because I laughed so hard I inadvertently got an awesome ab workout!

    I’ll be back!

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  11. Jazmin D., Apr 28, 2014 - Elysium

    I love, love, loveeee dark strobe light lit dance floors period. But the people here dancing their cares away is my most fave

    Sunday night 80’s dancing is where it’s at!

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  12. Deltrice B., Jun 01, 2014 - Elysium

    During the week you can stroll by Elysium and see the seedy goth underbelly of Austin smoking and brooding outside. This kind of place is not the spot for those douchey dude-bros that frequent 6th—Except on Sunday.

    Sunday is quite possibly the best day of the week at this bar/club. Sunday… is when the 80’s come back full swing (in an awkward goth setting). It is the most entertaining night of the week and I get fully decked out in proper 80’s gear (and most everybody else does too!) sans neon shit. The 80’s were not all neon. It was big hair and animal prints. The 90’s were neon. Get your fucking history straight Sorority houses.

    Anyway, I love strutting right in with my tights and leopard print shirt and big fat belt and weird earrings. If you have the secret password you won’t pay a cover and you’ll get your hand stamped and you can mosey right along.

    The dance floor is all lazery, they spin the best 80’s jams, there is a fog machine and if you’re anything like me, you’ll be sweating your balls off and praying for a stronger AC unit. Sometimes there is an industrial sized fan around and I prefer to sweat to the 80’s in front of that. Don’t worry, my perfume is quite alluring.

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  13. Grey S., Jul 20, 2014 - Elysium

    When i first moved to Austin, I found this club and knew what i had to do. I had to start making a reputation for myself on this dance floor! For 5 solid years, from 2007-2011, i owned this club!

    Actually right after i first moved to Austin, the real owner John welcomed me with his big papa bear arms like sure there was room for another stray.

    This club saved me from having to go to the gym and gave me the space to try all my avant-garde ballet dancer rock and roll superstar wannabe moves.

    The last time i punked Goth night by wearing all off-white organic cotton and hemp clothing topped off by a floppy green gardener’s hat, i got pushed from behind on the dance floor :~/

    One night, after pulling out all the stops in my interpretation of “Sweet Dreams (are made of this)”, the crowd stopped dancing and gave me a standing ovation! Were you there? I can still remember that night like it was yesterday.

    “Send me an angel .. Send me an angel .. Right now, right now .. Do you believe in Heaven above?.. Do you believe in love?”

    Well I love Elysium.

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  14. Lisa T., Jul 29, 2014 - Elysium

    I don’t go out clubbing often but Elysium is one that I love to hit for their event nights. They have held several Burlesque and Steampunk nights and it has been a great spot to come out and see the crowd. Great drinks, good music and nice spots to just sit back and relax after some time on the dance floor. On event nights they also bring in vendors as well and I love the selection of goodies you can pick up during a night out.

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  15. Kelly S., Aug 15, 2014 - Elysium

    You have to hand it to Elysium. They’ve kept things going strong for 25 years. They are fiercely clinging to that corner of red river. I think they’ll outlast all of us. I dropped in here Wednesday night at the behest of a friend who digs the “goth” night. I had no idea what I was getting into. Would there be hundreds of people who looked really depressed milling about?

    Actually, it was pretty empty. Good drink specials, great Cult, Clash, Cure music vids playing and just a couple of people on the dance floor until we left (about 12a.) I dug it. I’d go again. Good music, lots of elbow room and a $10 bar tab is a decent option on Wednesday nights.

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