Lichas Cantina

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Located in the heart of East 6th Street, Licha’s Cantina has become a niche restaurant for Austinites craving a bite of interior México. The restuarant is named after owner, Daniel Brooks’ mother, Alicia “Licha” Rivera, who is one of six children raised by Pepe and Licha Rivera in Mexico City. The atmosphere at Licha’s is casual and familiar. When you are here, you are in our home and we want to cater to you. You want a tequilita? You got it. Taquito al pastor? Coming right up.

Inspired by the Mexican soulfood cooking that we were raised with, our menu is prepared by a team of passionate cooks. All of our masa products are made fresh and daily in-house and our proteins are thoughtfully brined and braised with a medley of herbs and spices. Each of our dishes – from our cazuelita de cochinita pibil, our tlacoyo de camarón con mole, to our sopes de lengua – include garnishes that are not commonly seen and offer a depth of flavor with each bite.

If you’re interested in distilled agave products, Licha’s offers a large range of tequilas, mescales, bacanoras and sotoles. All of our traditional hand crafted cocktails and modern-fusion drinks are made with freshly squeezed juices and ‘aguas frescas.” Or if you just want a Coronita con limón, we have that, too.

Lichas’ friendly and knowledgable staff is here to help should you have any questions about any of our dishes. Because our menu is a unique and novel take on Mexican cuisine, we ensure that all of our servers and bartenders are informed of the ingredients and components of each dish.

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10 reviews

  1. Kelly L., Aug 06, 2014 - Lichas Cantina

    Holy KAAAAPPOOOWWW, Batman! I loved the hell out of this place!!!! Papi Tino’s should be embarrassed! The service was stellar! The food was amazing, as were the drinks. We sampled the escargot, the ceviche, the al pastor tacos. All were wonderful and decently priced.

    We also tried the Watermelon Jalapeño Rita and their version of the Moscow Mule made with Mescal instead. BAM! BOOM! POW! Loved them….hard!

    The waitstaff was excellent!!!!! She suggested the way they should arrive for palate maximization. For real! She was correct!

    I would highly recommend the back patio for extra SHAZAAAMMM!

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  2. Genefe D., Aug 20, 2014 - Lichas Cantina

    I came out to East Austin to hit up some Happy Hours with Mark. This was a second stop. The first place we went to was so mediocre. When we walked in I was already excited. It’s a small space but so cute and lots of details. We took a seat at the bar and looked over the menu.

    We decided to come to this place because of the comments and reviews on Yelp. We were excited to start off with the Watermelon Jalapeno Margarita. We also ordered the Pastor Quesadilla. I loved that the tortilla was a little crunchy. THe pork was so flavorful. They also brought out some Chips with two types of salsa. The margarita was so refreshing with a little kick. I loved it! It went by quickly. For our second beverage we got the La Mula (Mezcal, Lime, Ginger Beer and Jugo Maggie). This was like a Moscow Mule but with Mezcal. This was so cold and refreshing. It was served in a cute metal mug.

    Bartender was really nice. The seats at the bar started to get uncomfortable so as soon as we were satisfied with our food and beverage we were out. I took a trip the the ladies room before we left and I thought it was so cute! It was like a dimly lit outhouse but of course really clean and it had nice decorations. The sink is on the outside which is a community sink.

    I just loved the way this place looked. It’s converted house with so much character. There’s outdoor seating which will be super handy and nice once we get cooler weather.

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  3. Carrie S., Oct 08, 2014 - Lichas Cantina


    First of all if you’re gluten free, you need to go here because um, you can eat everything!! Well at least almost everything. Not the beer 😉

    Jalapeno watermelon margarita – refreshing, tasty, spicy and not too strong!

    Sopecitos – the chicken and pork were both tasty but the pork was SOO good.

    TUETANO Huarache – YUM

    FLOR DE JAMAICA Quesadilla – Oh so good! Who knew hibiscus flowers were good to eat??

    Sweet potato salad – A little odd but I liked it. The two people I was with were not so sure :)

    The ceviche is made with grouper so it’s pretty fishy, just fyi.

    I want to try so much more!! Our waitress was very nice and had lots of suggestions.

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  4. David G., Oct 20, 2014 - Lichas Cantina

    Cool kitchen on East 6th. We parked on the street for free after making one lap around the block. The hostess meets you as soon as you walk through the front gate. The seating was mostly outdoors and we sat in the back patio after walking through the retrofitted house.

    The lighting outside was great and made you feel like you were eating in someone’s backyard.

    The waiter was nice, but not overly helpful considering the food here is a very different type of authentic Mexican.

    They brought out chips and two types of salsa. One was a traditional green sauce, which was spicy and creamy. The other was a citrus tomato flavored salsa. Both were excellent.

    I ordered the Maria Huraches which was a corn based flatbread topped with chimichurri, queso asafetida, pico de gallo, and queso fresco. Very tasty and looked like something you would get as street food in Mexico City.

    Also got the esquite which was a warm grilled corn bowl with queso fresco and lime.

    Great spot for a nice meal with friends.

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  5. Amy D., Oct 26, 2014 - Lichas Cantina

    What a lovely and charming place to dine on the Eastside! Heather F. and I met here for happy hour and I was happy with the drinks, food and atmosphere. While the online menu does not list it they serve wine on the drink menu and there is food on the happy hour menu.

    During happy hour they offer a selection of cocktails and food items (some are smaller portions off the regular menu) for $5. Notably on the menu they highlight some vegetarian options. I ordered a glass of malbec, the flor de Jamaica quesadillas (happy hour portion is 2 pieces) and we shared the champinon huaraches (corn flat breat). The quesadilla had ample gooey cheese and the blue corn tortilla was a bit chewy. The highlight was the delicious flatbread full of mushrooms, freshly graded queso asadero, with a light drizzle of crema and served with a spicy peanut sauce.

    The quality of the food was excellent and the happy hour cannot be beat.

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  6. Holly A., Oct 26, 2014 - Lichas Cantina


    Mostly everything is gluten free. SAY WHAT? YES. It’s amazing.

    We went for happy hour and got a bunch of apps and drinks. The Jalapeno Watermelon Margarita is DELICIOUS. And so is all of the food. Even if I wasn’t gluten free, I’d be here ALL the time.

    The corn cakes, pizza kind of things and everything in between are absolutely fabulous. The waitress was awesome and friendly, and the manager offered to buy us our next round because they needed our table for a big group coming in. Can’t beat that!

    I will definitely be frequenting here!

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  7. Courtney B., Oct 28, 2014 - Lichas Cantina

    I’m pretty obsessed with this place – from the adorable table decorations, to the fabulous outdoor patio, to the yummy drinks, to the location, to their savory authentic Mexican dishes, to their remarkable HH menu.

    What I recommend:
    –Their HH – their menu is filled with delicious dishes + signature cocktails for $5 from 4-7P.
    –Love sweet potatoes? Get the Camonte – sweet potato, goat cheese, pumpkin seeds & a yummy glaze.
    -Their version of a Moscow Mule – only theirs has a spicy rim & made with Mezcal.
    –Their quesadilla – any of them!

    I think this place is just great & I personally think it’s a wonderful place for a large party or for a quaint date night.

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  8. Carmela S., Nov 19, 2014 - Lichas Cantina

    HAPPY HOUR REVIEW: (4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.)

    I met two friends here and until my friend suggested it, I didn’t know this restaurant was there! It’s a home converted into a restaurant. The parking is a bit difficult because you have to find a street spot.

    Walking up and seeing the lights and the outdoor seating in front is almost magical. It really has a magical vibe to it. The hostess greeted me as soon as I walked in and the staff was welcoming and smiling.

    I opted for us to sit inside because it was chilly. The restaurant is not very big at all and boasts a small bar to one side.

    They have a good amount of $5.00 cocktails and $5.00 plates to choose from at happy hour. I opted for their traditional margarita on the rocks with salt. It was perfect and I really liked that it was made with Tequila Silver.

    The flat bread type dish that I ordered (I can’t remember the name) was covered in a generous portion of meat, cheeses, etc. I loved how cheesy it was and it was spicy. The type of spicy that catches up with you more and more after every bite. It does help you drink your margarita a bit faster so, I can’t complain.

    The bathrooms were interesting because they were super small and the sink to wash your hands is located in the hallway.

    This is a good spot to stay a while, grab your friends, share some plates and drink some margaritas!

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  9. Brent A., Nov 30, 2014 - Lichas Cantina

    I don’t give many 5-star reviews but this place was absolutely delicious.

    The design is very cute with a lot of outdoor seating. A great place for a full meal or to just to have drinks. Most of the items on their menu seem like they can double as individual plates or plates to share.

    I got one of the quesadillas there on a blue corn tortilla. If you have seen some of my other reviews, you know I order quesadillas quite often and this one was quite special. Their food is very clean and not greasy.

    The service was also spot on, the waiter checked on us just enough, and always kept water glasses full.

    I would return time and time again, I am excited to try more of their menu.

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  10. Isaiah F., Dec 14, 2014 - Lichas Cantina

    We ended up here for Happy Hour because… why not? They have a great $5 menu with four or five drinks and 15 or so apps. It goes from 4-7 so that’s a PERFECT time to get your drink on and get some munchies. We decided to sit outside for optimal people watching but I kind of wish we were inside. I walked inside to use the restroom and it looked AWESOME. The bar is immediately on your right when you walk in and the decor is great.

    They give you some delicious chips and salsa once you sit down and I think one was green bean and the other was sweet potato. We ended up getting the Maria flat bread and pork quesedilla. As for the drinks, not the best but at least the are better than next door.

    I would definitely come back for Happy Hour and maybe even for dinner. It’s at least worth a drop in. Oh and the people watching… worth it.

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