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Nasha (hindi) – “to crave”

At Nasha India, we have combined our favorite cuisines from our homes into food we love. Pulling flavors and techniques from the Mumbai to the Malvani coast of India to Austin, Texas, we have created a fresh yet authentic experience.

This is not your average Indian Buffet. We serve health conscious soul food straight from our home. We never use food colours & MSG, and all of our meats are consciously sourced.

We serve all the “hit” curries like Tikka Masala, Saag, Vindaloo, Korma but in a rustic style cooking. There are several vegetarian, cream-free, and gluten free options. In addition to the standard, we have added our take on tacos, quesadillas, and enchiladas as well as a special brunch menu. Our food is all Indian and a little Tex-Mex. The curry blends are ground in-house, the ingredients are always fresh, and the flavor is always crave worthy.

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9 reviews

  1. Daniel M., Nov 12, 2014 - Nasha India

    Ate here today for the first time and I loved it. They had a killer jalapeño naan that was the perfect amount of chewy for me. I ordered the millionaires curry with chicken and it was perfect. This curry is tomato based And I strongly recommend it. The spices are executed perfectly and the rice spiced with star anise was great. They carry Dogfish Head India Brown Ale which I love and is hard to find around town but perfectly compliments a spicy curry.

    My lady friend had their chicken korma which was so good. It was almond and cream based and was the perfect balance between sweet and spicy. I ordered dal soup as well which was killer. The best I’ve ever tried by far. Salty and smooth. A perfect soup for the colder weather.

    They had some interesting Mexican/Indian fusion tacos that will be on my list to try for my next visit. I will be back.

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  2. Eric M., Nov 17, 2014 - Nasha India

    This restaurant is perfect for Austin! Nasha does a beautiful fusion of traditional Indian cuisine with a Mexican flair. I’ve eaten the Tikka Masala more times than I would like to admit. It’s addicting. The chicken is tender and the flavor really stands out in the curry itself. I had the garlic naan with it. I don’t know what they put in it to make it so delicious but it’s like eating happiness! Holds great when sopping up the main dish.
    I tried their goat tacos the other day and they were awesom! The salsa that came with them was the perfect addition to the dish. Sweet, spicy and fresh!
    Samosas were cooked to perfection with just the right amount of chew in the crust. The flavors were outstanding in the lamb samosas.
    Great local Draft beers and a full bar! Spicy food and 512 IPA is my favorite.
    I will be coming back! I hear they are starting brunch soon too!

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  3. DeeDee S., Nov 25, 2014 - Nasha India

    Went there last night with friends, and was wowed by how good the food was. We all ordered from the Vegan Section and the waitress was very helpful in suggestions. Food presentation was also very good, arranged nicely and on beautiful silver dishes.

    My only complaint about the place is that is is VERY noisy Was hard to hear even people right across the table, and impossible to hear anyone at the end of the table. This made an evening out for conversation with friends almost impossible.

    I’d love to go back for the food and service but I hope the noise situation can be remedied, maybe more sound baffling material on walls or ceiling.

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  4. Jeremy S., Nov 29, 2014 - Nasha India

    Capsule review: first trip here on a Friday evening as a group of four, and my friends and I really enjoyed our experience. Nasha isn’t quite classic, but a very solid four stars.

    Pluses: many, including a range of spice levels appropriate to Indian food, solid service, very reasonable prices, cool art, great location.

    We split the vegetarian and lamb samosas for the first course: lighter and flakier than conventionally deep-fried samosas, they were both solid on their own, even better dipped in the tamarind and mint chutneys with which they were accompanied. Like everything at Nasha, they’re served on beautiful beveled silver plates.

    For the main course we divvied up four curries (three medium, one extra hot) with garlic naan. The curries varied from good (aloo gobi and shahi korma) to fantastic (tikka masala with chicken, goat vindaloo). The spice levels are real here, so order mild if you’re not into that. Medium means medium, and the goat vindaloo (the one we ordered hot) had a marvelous, building, lingering burn to it, perfectly and unobtrusively integrated into the character of the dish itself. The goat was succulent and tender. The naan, fresh, hot and big, did the job of soaking up our remaining sauces.

    Art depicting scenes from Indian myth aligns the walls and the exterior of the building. It’s cool. Our sever, Amanda, was polite and efficient, almost apologetic for having to interrupt our spirited conversation to bring us more delicious things.

    There’s a full bar with decent beer selection and very reasonable beer and wine prices. A local IPA rinses down hot food nicely. Even with a couple of drinks thrown in, we ordered plentifully and still only looked at a $72 check for four people, really only a few bucks more than you’d spend for an Indian buffet of decidedly inferior quality.

    Minuses: the small space leaves tables too close together, so you may bump arms with your neighbor. It’s not he biggest thing in the world, but does detract from the atmosphere a little. Also, it doesn’t seem like the place was renovated much since the previous occupancy, so the floor could probably use some re-tiling. In any case, these are fairly minor issues, and I will definitely be back to try the rest of the menu. (Goat tacos, you say? I am intrigued.)

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  5. Steve R., Jan 15, 2015 - Nasha India

    Where to go on a Monday night for a casual, fun dinner with interesting, tasty cuisine? Good question and we found it at Nasha. A little ways down E. 7th street where a South American restaurant used to be, Nasha was exactly what we were looking for.

    Monday was half price draft beer day with a nice little selection of craft beers, but the margaritas were the winners. I don’t remember which one we had (it has been a couple of weeks now–not the number of drinks!). The drinks were made with fresh ingredients and were interesting, delicious twists on the classic cocktail.

    We had the Kheema Masala, Tikka Masala and Malvani Roasted Coconut Curry with Naan. They were all excellently prepared with fresh spices. The surprise was the Malvani curry which did not have an overall coconut flavor. Though it was good, I would not order it again. It just did not win me over like the other dishes.

    The Naan was excellent and we want to go back and try their other dishes like the tacos, curried mussels, poached eggs, and more!

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  6. Alon Z., Jan 17, 2015 - Nasha India

    The food is delicious – some of the best chicken tikka masala I’ve ever had. Do yourself a favor and try the curry margarita. It is amazing. Looking forward to coming back here for lunch!

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  7. C S., Jan 26, 2015 - Nasha India

    Moderately priced and delectable! Full bar & late hours.

    We happened upon this gem after seeing activity in the Casa Colombia home. Phil thought it was an African restaurant– we drove up to check it out and viola! Indian food on the East Side– amazing!

    And Woohoo is right! We discovered a little “New India” in East Austin.

    After perusing the menu, we recognized many of the same dishes served by New India on S. Congress. We asked and sure enough, same owners.

    Now we cannot stay away.

    The atmosphere is cozy and even a bit romantic with drinks or wine you’ve got a sweet little secret spot for a special date.

    Notable: They have a full bar– and late hours– perfect for those stricken with the munchies in the wee hours.

    Dish favs so far:

    The tkal masala is absolutely the best either of us have ever had– rich and creamy. I paired this with the paneer for a non-meat treat.

    So far we’ve tried the biryani which is delightfully flavorful, generous and lovely also good with the paneer.

    Phil tried the chana masala which was good but a bit spicy for his taste. The next visit he ordered the aloo gobi which he is still raving over.

    For some reason they term the papadam as Roasted Chips and Salsa
    Spicy lentil crackers served with mint chutney and homemade salsa.

    The reference to Mexican cuisine confuses rather than complements. The salsa they serve as a nod to Tex-Mex salsa is okay–different, but we found the traditional mint chutney to work best.

    The rices are delightfully spiced– not overdone but no skimping either.

    Phil loved the garlic nan– but was lukewarm on the Tandoori Roti– but he says that’s a personal preference.

    Veggie samosas are good.

    Try the mango Lassi– a real treat!

    Oh and the serving dishes are hammered metal– add to a unique dining experience.

    This is definitely not fast food– be prepared to wait a bit.

    It’s well worth it!

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  8. Sudhir S., Jan 26, 2015 - Nasha India

    I was in Austin for last whole week.Thanks yelp to find this cool place.
    At the front they have a beatiful murral of sadhu smoking.The inside decor is blended with exterior.
    I dined at so many Indian restaurants all over. This place stands out as they serve my Teesre, its clams curry.
    Tried Ghati masala dal and I fall in love with this place.Kheema masala was out standing .Try there Salmon Biryani you never get it any where.
    I had 6 meals at this place and will be back when I am in Austin

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  9. Jiya J., Jan 27, 2015 - Nasha India

    Wow!! I am so impressed with this new Indian restaurant we tried yesterday called Nasha. The DAL TARKA MALVANI was the best dal I’ve ever had!!! And I eat A LOT of Indian food. We also enjoyed the veg puff samosas and Koliwada shrimp. The restaurant was super clean and our server was very friendly. We will be back again soon!!! 5 stars Nasha!!

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