Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar

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Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar is Born in Texas and Raised in Texas. It’s a sing-along, clap-along, drink-along, have-one-helluva-good-time-along bar!

From the moment you step into Pete’s you will know what separates us from other dueling piano bars you may have seen. It’s 100% the entertainment! Over the course of 20 years we have come up with a time tested approach guaranteeing the best entertainment at every location! We don’t cut corners when it comes to hiring and keeping the best. Our piano players are family and we ask them to help us train new, energetic talent.

That’s how we insure that our shows don’t become a watered down version of the original. The combination of seasoned veterans and new talent give our show incredible energy and creativity. At Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar making sure our show is the best is our main concern.

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If you visit any of our locations, from the original down on 6th Street in Austin, to Addison, Fort Worth and Houston, you will find that our piano players and staff will do everything they can to bring back some old memories and help create some new ones in the process. We promise you will have the time of your life.

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7 reviews

  1. Beth S., Jul 02, 2014 - Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar

    Hands down the most fun place on 6th St. The musicians were excellent, super talented, with a repertoire of songs was so broad that we were amazed at the transitions between Elton John, Van Halen, Led Zepplin to even playing the Frozen song! The drinks are rather limited to what they offer on the menu and I found them a bit expensive but the staff is friendly and serves promptly. The crowd we had the night we visited was totally into it, singing along to everything, dancing, and just enjoying each other’s company.

    This place is super popular, fills up, and stays filled up for quite some time but if you can get in…it’s so worth it. We had so much fun that we are still talking about it 3 weeks later.

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  2. Emily W., Aug 06, 2014 - Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar

    What a fun time!! My friends and I came here on a Saturday night for my bachelorette party and we had a blast! We were only going to stay for a bit, but we ended up having so much fun so we shut the place down! Full disclosure, I am happiest when I’m singing my heart out, so if you hate music and fun, maybe this isn’t the place for you…

    The place was packed when we got there around 9:30 and there, but as the night drew on, the lame-o’s left and we were eventually able to get a seat (around 1 or so).

    I’m not sure about the drink prices, but they do have this one enormous fishbowl drink called the porn star that is awesome, complete with rubber duck floating on top!

    The musicians are extremely talented, and they do a hilariously great job of embarrassing people who are there for birthdays and bachelorette parties! On busy weekend nights, if you actually want your song request to be played, you better be prepared to shell out more than a dollar or two. My friend paid $10 to get our weekend theme song to be played quickly :)

    Bachelorettes get in free (or at least I did)!

    We had so much fun! Thanks for a memorable night!

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  3. Cassidy T., Dec 14, 2014 - Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar

    We had SO much fun. The only thing I would say is to not order the fishbowls. It’s cool you get a little duck but they are very overpriced for a bowl of sugar beverage. But the guys working the pianos were highly entertaining and we had a fantastic time.

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  4. Duke C., Dec 30, 2014 - Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar

    First time at a dueling piano bar and it was a ton of fun.

    The place isn’t big, but it is quite deep, with an small upstairs section. There’s also these bleacher style benches towards the back, besides all the tables. When we got there, the tables were all full, bar was 2-3 people deep so we ended up taking a seat at the bleachers.

    Basically, two pianists are on the stage and they take “turns” singing and playing songs, and the audience can tip either of the pianist to play a specific song. Most of the time they work together but they are free to cut in any time as well to disrupt the other pianist when tipped. They try to one up each other essentially. They also hand out verbal abuse quite well to each other and the Yo Mama jokes came up and some of them were hilarious! There’s also a drum set, as well as an electric guitar, so the pianists can go up and use any to complement the other pianist.

    The crowd was also pretty into it when someone requested Taylor Swift to be played with a $25 tip! It was funny when one of them tried to do the really high voice and totally failed, cause let’s be honest, Taylor Swift’s not really a song played often at these establishments. There was also a $45 collective tip from the place to have one of them sing Frozen’s Let It Go, and once he started, someone was trying to collecting $46 just to have them stop. Didn’t succeed though haha.

    Drinks were pretty reasonable in terms of pricing.

    There is a $9 cover. Totally didn’t expect that, but be sure to check-in on Yelp as that brings the cover down to $3 per!

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  5. Loisann T., Jan 18, 2015 - Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar

    Absolutely loved this place! We heard so many great songs and these guys are so talented! They weren’t pushy or rude but very fun! They did their best to a accommodate every request! They had a lot of jokes and kept the energy alive! Would definitely return!

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  6. Emily S., Jan 27, 2015 - Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar

    SOO MUCH FUN!! Way better than going to the club and perfect for all appropriate ages. Can be a little raunchy for the sensitive. But a great time was had by all!

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  7. Joanna M., Feb 01, 2015 - Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar

    Best night in Austin. As entertaining as they are talented, the four musicians had the whole crowd laughing, singing, and ass shaking up on stage all night. The crowd was a complete mix of ages, everyone was having a good time. The cover is $9 and a spirit and mixer is around $6.50. You can make song requests, and ask to get involved if you’re there for a special occasion

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