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Shangri-La, an original East Side Bar in Austin, Texas, was established in 2008 in an up-and-coming section of East Austin that soon became the hippest area for Austin nightlife. East 6th St now teams with bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and music venues- start your night out on the East Side at one of the bars that started it all !

Equal parts dive bar, cocktail lounge and beer garden, Shangri-La is the perfect destination for a night out with friends, a special event, an awkward first date or even drinking alone while you contemplate the complexities of the human condition. Also, we have Monday trivia night !

Come enjoy the pleasant Austin weather on our great outdoor patio, or hang out inside to feed the jukebox and hustle your friends at one of our pool tables. Our patio area is also dog friendly, so bring your furbaby and enjoy a beer or two with your pet. The Royale With Cheese food trailer is parked in the back serving sliders and sourdough grilled cheese sandwiches.

We have weekly drink specials and a rotating menu of local Texas draft selections to satisfy even the most discerning beer snob. It’s Happy Hour at Shangri-La every day from open until 9pm, when we offer $2 well drinks and domestic beers and $3.50 drafts. On $2 Tuesdays, you can grab well drinks and domestic beers for $2 all night long!  Oh, did we mention that Bill Murray bartended here once.

We’re also happy to host special events at Shangri-La, so contact us to reserve space for your next party. We can’t promise to bring out a cake and sing a birthday song at the end of the night, but we’ll make sure you and your guests have a great time all the same. Or, let us know if your company is interested in co-sponsoring or hosting a dance night or other special event for Shangri-La patrons—we love a good dance party !

Hit us up the next time you’re on East Sixth, and follow us on Twitter or Facebook for daily ramblings from the consummate bartending professionals at Shangri-La.

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6 reviews

  1. Mark E., May 16, 2013 - Shangri La

    OSCAR MIKE GOLF, I’ve literally found my Shangri-La! This place is absolutely dive-tastic, in a neighborhood I LOVE, and would totally like to move to (if I can break away from the Northwest). There is NOTHING WRONG with this divey dreamland!

    Here’s how it went down. My official story, and I’m sticking to it. I was downtown paying a fine. Ugh. I had 90 minutes to kill before Joe C’s Crawfish UYE, and I’d parked on East 6th. I look over, and spy Shangri-La. (Being a fan of “Lost Horizons”, I’ve been searching my whole life for my Shangri-La, too!) I totally needed a beer, so I walk in. Dive-TASTIC! Paintings of handguns on the walls. A photo booth. $2 Lone Stars. Sassy tattooed (hot) punk bartender. “Pretty In Pink” playing on the TV. 1980’s old school punk on the sound system. Kick-ass back patio. ESK food truck inside the patio perimeter. On the back porch–about four dudes, and about twenty chicks; just about all of them cute!

    Did I leave anything out? See ya real soon, Shangri-La!

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  2. Mihir K., Jun 20, 2013 - Shangri La

    This is one of my favourite bars on the east side.

    Good sized inside space, with 2 pool tables. The bartenders are nice and attentive, and I’ve never had to wait more than a couple of minutes to get my drink, despite of the crazy crowds.

    They have a great outdoor space! Lots of picnic tables and you can usually just join people and have good random talks and drinks.

    There is also the eastside kings trailer here, which serves some of the best food!

    So great food, great outdoors space, great people watching, pool tables, great bartenders. What else do you really want?

    Oh and the drink are cheap, too.

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  3. Aaron A., Nov 01, 2013 - Shangri La

    If I had to pick a “coolest thing” about Shangri-La it would be their patio. Why wait downstairs with the proles when you can chill on the spacious and capacious upstairs patio tables with your friends and deputize the soberest of them to chivvy more beers up to you?

    Sadly East Side King isn’t the upstairs trailer anymore (as of fall 2013 it’s “Royale with Cheese” – get it?), so the appeal of being in the top tier has been diminished somewhat. However, you can still enjoy $2 Lone Stars, ~$4 pints of other beers, and variously priced shots in the downstairs lounge if you feel like slumming. I’ve spent plenty of happy times either playing pool on their tables, just hanging around drinking, or cheering on friends as they hit on girls at the bar, since this place attracts a fairly cool spectrum of Austin personhood.

    Their Tuesday trivia is good, and their drinks are alright, so as an official East Sixth Bar you’re practically mandated to at least check them out instead of visiting the teeming horror of flesh that is Dirty 6th these days.

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  4. Daniela H., Aug 02, 2014 - Shangri La

    This place is great. My husband and I went with a group of friends and I ended up running into people there too. The drinks were good and the outside table sitting makes you make friends with random strangers.

    Awesome energy and its a great location. We easily were in walking distance of other bars and food trucks. Parking is either on the street or you have to find a random lot.

    Over all we stayed for four hours and had a blast with all the new people we met.

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  5. Chris E., Aug 03, 2014 - Shangri La

    Shang is exquisite, but instead of saying nice stuff I’m going to pick a couple of nits, because this is Yelp:
    1. There’s marklemorp on the jukebox, for some reason.
    2. On weekends the east side becomes a sort of field trip to the hipster zoo for all the horrible people you imagine when you think “fucking Californians ruining Austin”. Shang is the first spot on the tour for these people. At the end of the night they go home and write about the cockroach they saw that ruined their weekend.

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  6. Shana L., Sep 09, 2014 - Shangri La

    Absolute favorite bar in Austin, well it’s actually tied with Midway Field House. But it’s mainly because the bartenders. When it’s slow, they make a point to have conversation with you, they don’t just stand there and fuck off on their phone.

    There’s awesome seating outside. Reminds me of home a little with the trees present. They have pool tables inside if that’s your forte.

    CHEAPEST beers on east side, easily.

    I love this place and will continue to stop by. Great bar tenders, sweet patio, and cheap beers… What else can you ask for?

    One more thing: THEY HAVE PAUL’S BOUTIQUE ON THE JUKEBOX. Beastie Boys to seal the deal. Can I get a f*ck yeah?

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