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Buy low, drink up ! Wall Street meets West Sixth Street at The Brew Exchange, a 6th Street Brew Pub located at 706 West Sixth Street in Austin, Texas. Nowhere else in Austin will you find a bar quite like The Brew Exchange. Our commodity is beer, and lots of it. Thirsty for an India Pale Ale, we have eight on tap, many of them from local craft breweries. The best part, prices on our 100+ beers are constantly fluctuating. We are the first bar in Austin with prices based on supply and demand.

Our 100+ beers are divided into categories (IPA, Lager, Cider ect…) Each time someone orders a beer, the price goes up for the next person who orders the same beer. The others in the category go down by the same amount. The more popular the beer is, the higher the price goes, while those not being ordered continue to fall. If you’re a fan of staple beers such as Miller Lite, Bud Light or Lone Star, don’t worry prices for those beers stay the same.

Keeping up with the fluctuating beer prices is both easy and a little entertaining. You can watch the prices rise and fall in real time via our 1960’s style ticker running above the bar. Prices will also fluctuate in real time on several “big boards” (flat screen televisions) throughout the bar.

The bottom line, we want you to explore the market, trying beers you’ve never had. There’s a good chance they’ll be less expensive, allowing you to buy low and drink up. Reserve one of our brew booths.

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8 reviews

  1. Anne A., Mar 28, 2013 - The Brew Exchange

    Great concept. The prices of the beer changes like the stock market. You can watch the screen and see the current prices of the beer. They have a great selection of craft beer. I ended up with their local recommendation as I usually drink local beer when I travel.

    Music can be very loud and hard to carry on a conversation here.

       -   Reply
  2. Mitch E., Apr 04, 2013 - The Brew Exchange

    I don’t want to use the word concept because so many people have used it in their review of this place. Wait I just did…..

    This place is a great IDEA. Brew Exchange provides you an opportunity to have some drinks with friends, have fun catching a deal, try new beers and meet some new people. Came here on a Saturday night and it was filled with a good crowd. Sleek looking bar and friendly bartenders.

    The way it works is they classify beers by their types. (Lagers, Pilsners, White Ales, etc) They have several in each category. If one beer in particular keeps getting purchased the price of it will rise, while the other beers in that category will fall.

    The gimmick isn’t the coolest and really isn’t doing much, but it was an above average crowd and we had a good time. Check it out.

       -   Reply
  3. Scott G., Sep 22, 2013 - The Brew Exchange

    Weird that I haven’t reviewed this place yet.

    I always enjoy a trip to Brew Exchange. The whole idea of stock market beer is really fun, and they have a great selection on tap. The bartenders are happy to offer suggestions and samples, so I’ve never had a bad beer there. They also do pickle shots, which is kind of tacky, but whatever, I guess I’m tacky.

    For happy hour and during the day, it’s not too loud or crowded, and you can probably get a seat on the patio. If you go later at night on the weekends, then they crank up the music, have a DJ, people are dancing and having a good time. You can choose your own adventure.

    Buy low. Drink up. Love that line.

       -   Reply
  4. Lindsay M., Sep 27, 2013 - The Brew Exchange

    I was there for the Bashh networking event and it’s a great place to hold an event. There were a lot of people but still lots of space to move around (contrary to other events I’ve been to).

    I love this concept of the Brew Exchange being like the stock exchange. Basically the more popular a beer is the more the price goes up for the next person who orders it. And the least popular the beer, the lower the price. Brilliant. I’ll have to try their beer next time…I actually had a sweet and sour that I was in the mood for. :)

       -   Reply
  5. Carmela S., Sep 30, 2013 - The Brew Exchange

    went to the BASHH event here last Thursday and before that I had not heard of this place. I have even been to the place next door and not noticed it because their sign is so small.

    However this concept is super creative and it actually adds a strange element of entertainment as you watch the price of beers scroll by. I lived in NYC for a while so this gave me a nostalgic feeling of home! On a lot of levels it reminded me of a local’s spot I used to go to in the City!

    The bartenders were very quick to wait on people, my tab was kept track of perfectly (no funny charges on it), my IPA’s were bartender’s choice and really delivered, the bathrooms were clean and I liked the patio that was covered and you could smoke out there!

    I even saw bussers going around regularly picking up empties and emptying ash trays to clear the small tables for the next mingling group on the patio. I don’t think they are dog friendly but, someone did have a dog on the patio so, it was nice to see they made that accommodation for someone!

    If you have short legs, like I do, the chairs by the table top booths can be a bit uncomfortable since you can’t reach the foot rests.

    The only thing I would change is adding some small snacks or food options of some sort. I would have stayed longer but, since I came straight from work, I got really hungry and had to go.

       -   Reply
  6. Lani R., Feb 21, 2014 - The Brew Exchange

    We love this place so much that we host the monthly #BASHH networking event there. The staff is incredible, this place is insanely clean, the beers are perfect, and the space is beautiful.

    The concept has already been well reviewed in other notes here, but I’ll just remind the city that we’ve been hosting events here for a long time with no end in sight. This is my favorite bar downtown, fo sho.

    If the Brew Exchange were a celebrity, it would be Emma Stone – good looking, but fun, casual, and approachable.

       -   Reply
  7. Jacob D., Aug 05, 2014 - The Brew Exchange

    I can only speak to what this place is like in the early evening, but I loved. Very relaxed with a great beer selection.

       -   Reply
  8. Jeff G., Aug 07, 2014 - The Brew Exchange

    Good selection of different craft brews, and the bartender was very helpful to someone like me who enjoys beer but doesn’t know much about it. The bartender didn’t make me feel stupid for not knowing every beer on their board or like I was inconveniencing him when asking questions about the beer. The ticker concept is cool, although even if you look for beers you like that are “down” in price the beer still isn’t cheap. My only complaint is that it can be loud in there when it is full of people–in an echoey sort of way. Overall a great place for happy hour or to start a bar crawl from.

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