The Grackle

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The Grackle, an East 6th Street bar, has three dart boards, a pool table, a Ms. Pacman machine and a pure brass counter-mounted tap-tree. A chill bar with a really, really dark interior and covered outdoor deck help to differentiate the Grackle from the rest of the dirt-and-gravel-patios down the road. Those that have discovered the Grackle praise it for its wide selection of draft beers and whiskeys. At night, come here to avoid overwhelming crowds; it’s thankfully never too crowded.

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9 reviews

  1. Joe C., Apr 29, 2013 - The Grackle

    These satan spawn mock my every move, and then go back to their little as…


    This isn’t the “Grackles” business listing? Oh. Well, then…

    The Sunday bartender has turned making bloody marys into a skillful art.

    Earlier when I asked for a bourbon and ginger ale, he asked which bourbon cause ‘we have about 50 of them’. Me not being an expert, he simply said “Is $6 ok?”. That was easy! I also agree with his idea to put a garage door between the inside and the patio.

    Sunday is fun, cause all the foodie turistas stop by, probably fresh from a stop at Franklin, to snap pics of the ESK trailer, and then storm away all annoyed when they realize ESK is closed Sunday. (though between the two trailers, I prefer the Go Bites trailer here, or a different ESK location, but I digress) And parking is pretty easy.

    Other than that, instead of bird watching, The Grackle is fun for tattoo watching. For a lightly crowded, but awesome, patio, there were plenty of beautiful people around. That Blair sure is dreamy…. Oh wait. I digress again.

    The Grackle: Come for the bar, stay for the show.

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  2. Sarah P., Apr 29, 2013 - The Grackle

    Sunday, Bloody Mary Sunday at the Grackle, y’all. Perfect spot for a liquid brunch. I was never much of a Bloody Mary fan, but these are on a whole other level. Flavor explosion – spicy, salty, a gentle, enjoyable kick in the pants. Can’t recommend them enough.

    They have a nice, big porch with picnic tables, a large and very dark bar inside, a crazy liquor selection, and no nonsense bartender inside. A friend who doesn’t drink asked for a virgin BM, and the bartender said “wouldn’t you rather a water?” The jury is still out on whether that was just straight up honesty that there’s no point in enjoying the Mary without the booze (or maybe unwillingness to sacrifice quality/taste) or a little rude/unaccommodating. Those who don’t drink are people, too…I guess. For now I won’t knock off a star for that, because as a person who does drink, I really liked this place and their bevvies. A bartender that’s friendly and accommodating is a plus, but not necessary.

    A couple food trailers sit in the parking lot, and one is kind of a big deal, or so I’ve heard. Lots of tattoo watching(TM, Joe C. 2013) to be done and porch is doggie friendly,

    If you’re scared of those people that so many blanketly label “hipsters” you may not like it here, but if I lived close by, I think nearly everyday I’d be Gracklin’, Gracklin’.

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  3. Madi F., May 20, 2013 - The Grackle

    I have long thought that salsa was a perfect food. Unable to be improved, at the top of its evolutionary cycle. Then I tried Grackle’s spicy drinkable salsa they like to call a Bloody Mary and realized I’m just a Puritan who lives in the dark and has a whole new world to discover. Amazeballs. I shall return to order my own and not pilfer those of others… so stay tuned for my future, updated, most likely 5 star review of Le Grackle.

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  4. Kris U., Jul 30, 2013 - The Grackle

    It is ironic that one of my favorite Eastside bars is named after one of my greatest nemesis.

    What’s good:

    1. Dog-friendly patio offering dual misters and shade!
    2. A juke box, pool table and AC inside.
    3. Texas tap beers often at happy hour pricing all night.
    4. Two food trailers to choose from: Eastside King and Go Bites. (If you think a pita sandwich isn’t special, GoBites will change your mind).

    And now, for you, my Grackle haiku:

    Glossy winged brash rat
    Snatching morsels from my plate!
    Opportunist plague

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  5. Sarah M., Aug 13, 2013 - The Grackle

    Excellent patio and solid array of brews. The delicious food from EastSideKings pushed this place over the edge!

    My husband and I enjoyed the patio sitting and sport watching. Great, relaxed place with a casual vibe.

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  6. Neal D., Oct 19, 2013 - The Grackle

    First off, I love it that a bar in Austin would embrace the pesky bird! All-in-all, I’m impressed with The Grackle as a watering hole. The Grackle’s pub trivia is done very well. Always a plus.
    One cautionary note: if you win one of the bonus rounds and receive a drink coupon, it’s not actually for any drink. Just for those on the shittier end of the spectrum.

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  7. Monica G., Jan 11, 2014 - The Grackle

    I no longer live in Austin, but the last 4 times I’ve been to Austin, I’ve gone to The Grackle. Of course I get the bloody mary. It really makes you feel alive.


    Before my most recent trip, I had just finished up my last session at Bijou Studio just a stone’s throw away. I had a green smoothie that morning, but that’s all I had consumed all day. I just forgot to eat. Anyway, I lost a lot of blood and I was really out of it. I was bandaged up and I knew instantly I wanted a Bloody Mary.

    My hair was matted from laying down for the past couple of hours, I’m pretty sure my lipstick was smudged, and I proceeded to walk down the sidewalk with dried blood on my leg. I dug around my purse until I found a Luna bar. I was definitely one of East Austin’s most upstanding citizens at that moment.

    I go inside. I know how good the Bloody Marys are. You don’t have to convince me. I wanted whiskey too, though. That’s my thing. So I told the bartender:

    “hey I already know this is weird, but I’m just gonna say it. I want a Bloody Mary, but can you make it with whiskey?”

    “Where did you hear about that from?”

    “I don’t know, I just want it.”

    “Sounds good. You want salt?”


    “Alright, let me know how it tastes.”

    And it was fucking good. I loved it. I’m glad he didn’t think it was so weird that he wouldn’t make it.

    I dragged my delirious ass out to the benches, opened my Luna bar, and sat in the Austin sun and drank my delicious drink, my semi decent meal, and waited for a friend to meet up with me. I soon felt like I was back to my old normal self.

    I’ve always had (regular) Bloody Marys everytime I come here. They don’t have as many garnishes as I’d like, but I absolutely love them. They’re second only to Showdown in San Marcos (in my humble opinion).

    I spent a really lovely New Year’s afternoon here as well. My friend completely geeked out with the jukebox and played a million songs. I had a beer on tap (I forgot the name, but it was similar to Blue Moon), and I kept sneaking drinks from his whiskey. The bar was dark, and even though there were plenty of people inside, it felt cozy and intimate.

    So, The Grackle is probably my favorite east side bar. I love it.

    Next time I get a tattoo, I’ll eat something. But I’m gonna come back here and get a BM afterward.

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  8. Haley T., Feb 19, 2014 - The Grackle

    Cheap beer, awesome food trucks out front, chill vibe, dog friendly. It’s divey in the good way. There’s nothing to dislike about this place. Unless you don’t like those things, and then, by all means, don’t crowd my favorite spot.

    There’s a pool table inside, a sweet porch and picnic tables outside. It’s one of the better spots on east sixth.

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  9. Kristen D., Jul 11, 2014 - The Grackle

    Cool little dive bar with tasty food trailers in the parking lot. The bartenders were really fast and friendly (and at 1:55 am). I had a great time hanging out on their huge deck with big enough picnic tables to accommodate a large group of friends!

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