The Hideout Theatre

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Austin’s downtown venue for improvised theatre and comedy. Shows, classes and professional development.

Improv comedy shows every weekend, Thursday-Sunday. Something for everyone, including a kids’ show on Sunday afternoons! Start your night with some fantastic improv, right in the heart of downtown Austin, TX.

We are in the business of improvisational theatre. We make up all our comedy, plays, and sketches on the spot (unless otherwise noted). Short form, long form, Chicago-Style, NY-Style, CA-Style, Austin-Style – we do it all (especially Austin-Style, it’s our specialty).

We host and produce improv shows Thursday through Sunday. For some of the shows, we invite independent groups to perform (everything you see on Thursday night, for instance) and some of the shows we personally produce (everything you see on Saturday night, for instance).

Troupe – usually means a group of people who work together independently of any theater to create their own style and show. The troupes are usually made up of improvisers who have taken classes, here or elsewhere, and enjoy working and performing together. We have a one regularly performing troupe, Parallelogramophonograph (who perform every Friday at 10pm).

Show – usually means a produced production with a curated director, cast, and crew. A good example is our Saturday night 8pm Mainstage shows. Every Saturday at 8pm you can see a full-scale improvised production. This is the bread and butter of the work we do, so we definitely recommend you checking this out.

Check our calender for information about what’s coming up next!

Get fueled up at the on-site Hideout Coffee Bar

What is improv?

Improv, or improvisation, is a form of live theatre in which the acting, plot, dialog, and characters of a story or scene are made up in the moment. Often improvisers will take a suggestion from the audience, or use something else to inspire them. This inspiration helps get the improvisers going, and often shows the audience that the performance is indeed not scripted. Improv is unique in that if you see a performance of it, that’s it… there will never be another show exactly like it ever done again. Improv is different every time.

Improvised shows can differ between different improv troupes, depending on their training, their goals, and their style. Sometimes improv is purely comedy-based, while other times it can be a mix of both comedy and drama, or just drama. Like scripted theatre – without the script, with the actors acting, directing themselves, writing the plot, and interacting with each other all at the same time without previous planning.

Improv is spontaneous, entertaining, and fun. But like all great things, you’ll have to see it first hand to fully experience and appreciate it.

We teach improv to others.

We teach several levels of improv classes, weeknights and weekends, for adults as well as children and teens. We have new levels starting all time, just click on the “classes” link for more information. We also teach specialized one-off workshops and bring in special guest instructors. Friend us on Facebook for live up-to-date information.

Our instructors live and breathe improv. They are Hideout Theatre regular performers as well as faculty members. You’ll be learning improv from someone who has several years first hand experience both teaching and performing. We’re very picky about our faculty, because we know that if you have the right teacher, you’ll love the art form as much as we do. And have a damn fun time learning and doing it, too.

We offer custom shows and workshops for company events. We’ve worked with hundreds of businesses and event coordinators to give their conferences, parties, and gatherings the exciting and infective energy of positivity, productivity, and fun that only improv can bring. Click on the “corporate” link for more information and examples of what we can offer you.


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3 reviews

  1. Jeanette J., Sep 19, 2013 - The Hideout Theatre

    I love this theater and all of the people that make it so enticing. There are a variety of improv shows every week and each of them offer their own form of entertainment.

    The location is perfect for a post-dinner-continuation-of-a-good-time feel. The performers and comedians almost always deliver a solid show. The prices are extremely reasonable and now, with the addition of the larger downstairs theater space, you are less likely to miss a show.

    If you have any inclination towards comedy or want to be a better friend, coworker, or partner, sign up to take their classes or one of their free workshops on Wednesday nights. You will be surprised and delighted by how much fun it is and how the Hideout Theater helps foster creativity and fun! go!

       -   Reply
  2. Elizabeth W., Oct 09, 2013 - The Hideout Theatre

    I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience at The Hideout Theater. Everyone has their favorite shows to go to, but my personal favorite in the main show on Saturdays at 8pm – it’s a two month rotating show and it’s always great. Also the 10pm Saturday show is kind of like Who’s Line is it Anyway and it’s always super funny. Well, ok also the 10pm Friday show is great because it features Pgraph who are about as good as improv gets in Austin (they do improvised stories and plays). Also, on Thursdays, you can see three shows for $5, or there’s even a free show on Thurs. at 10pm of wacky improv projects.

    Okay fine I love ALL THE SHOWS. More, please!

       -   Reply
  3. Logan P., Jan 13, 2014 - The Hideout Theatre

    The Hideout Theatre was an incredible date night for my wife and I. The staff was slammed the Friday night we were there and regardless of the crowd we felt welcome and accommodated! We bought our tickets online, which I would recommend, since you wont have to worry about the place getting sold out! (which they did the night we were there). We watched The Big Bash Improv show and we weren’t disappointed. The crowd didn’t didn’t crew much to work with that night but they performed great and we had a ton of great laughs! We also loved how the show was not raunchy by any means and our experience will keep us coming back for more. We can wait to bring our friends!

       -   Reply

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