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Way South Philly Authentic Philly Cheese Steaks, Italian Sausage & Tots served fresh from The Little Red Trailer. We are bringing a bit of the Northeast comfort to the great city of Austin, Tx with Authentic Philly Cheese Steaks. We have The Little Red Trailer at 6th and Waller and we have a mobile food truck “The Mighty Mick”, the truck can be found at special events and both private and public catering .

10% Off at Way South Philly

10% off your meal if you are wearing your Eagles Gear on Sundays until the 2014/15 football season is over....
a 1 time 10% off the order if you mention 6street.com until December 31st, 2014.

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9 reviews

  1. Dan B., Nov 24, 2013 - Way South Philly

    Been to the much hyped Pat’s and Geno’s up in Philly?

    This place blows them both away. They make their sandwiches to order, one at a time and it shows. Butter toasted bun gives you nice crunchy edges and helps the bun hold up to all that Cheese Wiz and steak. They really pile it on for you. You won’t leave hungry.

    Great combinations on the menu…each one I’ve tried has been right on. They’re happy to alter to your liking as well.

    A must try…they deserve your patronage.

       -   Reply
  2. Braden F., Mar 24, 2014 - Way South Philly

    I loved this place. Having been to philly and eaten a few real steaks in my life I had pretty high expectations for the highest rated steak shop in the ATX. And let me say I wasn’t disappointed. This place is legit.

    1. The bread. It’s the real deal. It’s chewy and doughy and soft and absorbs the whiz and delicious meat goo that makes a steak such an amazing sandwich.

    2. The meat. It’s not that disgusting brown suto-steak that they drench is grease and serve at Texadelphia. That stuff is revolting. The steak here is pure heaven, well seasoned, tender, thin, and with just enough of the grill to know that you’re making a wise choice.

    3. Real whiz. Here’s the deal folks. If you’re eating a steak and someone is serving anything other than whiz, well you’re not eating a true steak. It’s just that simple. WSP has the real deal and isn’t shy about it.

    4. Price. I’ve paid more in Philly for a lessor sandwich. This price was really affordable to the huge portion they serve.

    All in all…5 stars.

    Me and my wife each got one for lunch with cheesy tots. Then we each ordered another one to take home…we just ate them too. And frankly…I want more.

    Eat here.
    Be happy.
    Thank me later.

    – @bradenframe

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  3. Joseph S., Apr 21, 2014 - Way South Philly

    We came back here for a quick lunch before leaving Austin, and we got the Balboa, the Marciano with pepperoni and tater tots. All of them are delicious.

    The service was fast and friendly. Great place.

       -   Reply
  4. Staci B., May 12, 2014 - Way South Philly

    Really, really good Philly Cheesesteaks and Tots.

    I don’t even like Philly Cheesesteaks. But I love this. So much.

    Like, I think the meat literally melts in my mouth.I sub American cheese for the whiz, but I’m no native Pennsylvanian, so I know it’s ok.

       -   Reply
  5. Melissa H., Jul 05, 2014 - Way South Philly

    Today was the second time I have been here, first time earlier in the year. It was just as good this time as it was the last time! I got the Balboa and it was delicious! Some of my family got a sub further down on the menu and they weren’t too impressed with theirs (they liked mine better). I have been to a lot of sub places trying to find a good sub place and have not been impressed since I moved to TX but this is an exception-I just wished they had one in Houston! The sub’s have just enough grease and juiciness! You do have to wait a while but you are getting a made to order sub so you just need to expect it. Def recommended!

       -   Reply
  6. Brandon K., Jul 18, 2014 - Way South Philly

    I had to drop off something for a friend on 11th so I thought I would keep on driving down and visit this great area of food trucks. Although I did not now about way south philly before coming here, they made it quite easy to choose because they were one of the only 2 trucks that were open when I came. After a quick check on yelp, I knew that I had to try it out.

    I ordered the basic philly sandwich with sweet peppers and took it togo. By the time I was home, the bag was dripping with grease so I knew I had made a good decision. The sandwich was not overly expensive and it was very filling. It tasted great and I definitly wanted more. Although I do wish there were some more peppers in their if they are going to charge for it, that is a minor inconvience.

       -   Reply
  7. Amanda S., Sep 02, 2014 - Way South Philly

    I have had Philly cheesesteak sandwiches in Philly, and I must admit that my cheesesteak from the eccentric food truck exceeded my expectations. I got the Balboa, but subbed white American for the whiz, and I was more than satisfied! Perfect size for a sandwich. The steak to onion to bread and cheese ratio was just right! I’ll definitely be back. I’m a Philly cheesesteak fan, and the one I had today was one to write home about, so I did just that…YUM!

       -   Reply
  8. Chris F., Sep 12, 2014 - Way South Philly

    I got the big boy with double meat, provolone cheese with onions & peppers. I wish I could describe the orchestrated masterpiece that this thing brought to each taste bud with every bite. If you be sober or drunk, this place is AMAZING! I only wish that I worked closer so I could stop by without planning a trip to the east side.

       -   Reply
  9. Marty R., Oct 08, 2014 - Way South Philly

    This is by far a need to go to trailer in Austin ! The sandwiches are beyond great , tots are awesome compliment to a cheesesteak .

       -   Reply

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