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Whetstone Audio carries a small, dedicated selection of audio manufactures. To not be redundant or confusing, you will find the best component at it’s price point. System building should be fun and painless!

Whetstone Audio has been in business now for 17 years! From day one, my goal was to own a shop where you could sit back, relax and listen to music on systems I have thoughtfully assembled. I’ve accumulated my product line through years of being in an industry that changes by the day. After many years, I’ve pretty much figured out the best sounding products and combinations in this spectrum.

While initially, many of the products I have sold come from England, I’ve expanded the product line to include basically whatever I think sounds good. One major factor in my product choices are their serviceability. If something should fail, it must be fixed in a timely manner. Luckily, this rarely happens.


If you want to obsess about cable lifts, isolation “tweaks” or that “polka with the wide sound stage”, I may not be the shop you were looking for. There are plenty of shops / shrinks that will cater to your neurosis / fetish. I prefer to listen to music, not psycho acoustics.

I’d rather be honest, earn your trust and build a relationship. It sometimes takes a few visits to become familiar with the gear and make an educated decision. Take your time! This should be a fun process. Bring several CD’s / records, your spouse, a six pack or bottle of wine and check it out. I promise I won’t force anything on you other than Sound Advice. Please keep in mind that having a Brick and Mortar shop cost$. So if you plan on using my services, please shop here and not on the web. In the long run, you’ll be much better off.

ELECTRONICS -rega research, naim audio, Dynavector, LFD audio, leben, heed audio, Line Magnetic. Musical Fidelity. graham slee. lehmann audio

SPEAKERS – Devore, Harbeth, Shahinian, Kudos, Guru, Rega Research, Wharfedale, audioengine

TURNTABLES & CARTRIDGES – Rega Research, well tempered, Kuzma, Dynavector, EMT, Grado, Ortofon, Nitty Gritty

CABLES & POWER – Chord Cables, Kimber Kable, Auditorium 23, Furutech, CablePro

RACKS / FURNITURE – Quadraspire , BOX Furniture Co., ISOBLUE, Skylan Stands, Stereo Squares


Do you have an older Naim amp that is sounding a bit thin? Fix it, don’t ditch it! You just need it re-capped! AV Options is the only Naim approved service center in the USA. Bring me your old Naim and I’ll return it to you in “like new” condition!


I Buy, Sell & Trade good records. I’d rather sell you a turntable to play them on, but if you are looking to sell your LP / 45 collection, bring it by. I’m looking for good quality Jazz, Rock, Soul, Funk, Country, Reggae, etc. Please don’t bring me records that are trashed or the typical junk you’ll find at a Goodwill. Sorry, I’m not going to want your Sound Of Music soundtrack but I will pay top dollar for good records that are in good condition.

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3 reviews

  1. Zach D., Mar 28, 2009 - Whetstone Audio

    Whetstone is a really great hi-fi store. The best thing is that an average person can walk in and not feel at all intimidated by the imposing atmosphere that most hi-fi stores seem to relish. Both Brian, and the store, are very laid back. You can go in and just shoot the shhh and hang out and he’ll help you out in listening to some components or speakers and won’t try and push anything on you. I took a turntable I bought online there and he helped me set it up for a small price. I also bought a dynavektor phono pre-amp from him and his old VPI cleaning machine.

    That’s all – I highly recommend Whetsone to anyone looking for some new audio gear!

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  2. steve b., Jul 18, 2012 - Whetstone Audio

    I’ve been shopping for some decent stereo equipment over the past few weeks. Figuring out what I’d like to buy is difficult. I quickly learned that trying to research audio equipment on the internet is a mess and started looking for a retailer.

    Whetstone had good reviews so I stopped in and talked with the owner, Brian, for an hour today. The store is fun, comfortable and laid back. No sales pressure or high-end retail pretension. Brian didn’t seem to care that I have no budget worked out and I can’t buy anything in the near future. I’m just learning about this stuff and he seemed happy to show me what’s good. He also had a vinyl copy of “Tonight’s the Night” by Neil Young on hand for listening.

    We listened to different systems and I got a great sense of what the different manufacturers’ quality and price points are, tubes vs solid-state etc.. It was great to just talk with a guy who knows his stuff and listening to different super-duper audio equipment is a blast. Within an hour I figured out what kind of money I should expect to spend and what types of components I’m looking to buy.

    Whetstone’s prices seemed good – as good as you can find on the internet. This is where I will spend my money when I’m ready to buy.

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  3. Paula S., Sep 10, 2013 - Whetstone Audio

    I bought my Rega turntable from Brian at Whetstone, and it is absolutely killer in every way. The shop is relaxed and fun, there is a ton of great vinyl on hand, and Brian is super helpful about anything hi-fi related, even if he didn’t sell you your system. (He gave me good ideas about how to set up my system, and I get compliments on it constantly when people listen to my home rig.) I just wish I had a bigger budget to buy more components from Whetstone, though to be fair, the store is full of moderately priced gear as well as “dream systems”, so just about anybody on just about any budget can get something there. Even if you are not in the market quite yet, but just want to pick up a great record you can shop for vinyl at the store, and listen to it on a system that will optimize the sound and inspire you to start saving up for an upgrade to bad ass British hi-fi components.

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