6th Street Austin TX’s Best Lounge Pubs and Bars

  • Rattle Inn

    Featured Business

    Rattle Inn

    (512) 373-8306 0 reviews

    610 Nueces St, Austin, TX 78701

    Welcome to The Rattle Inn, west 6th Street live music, a bar and live music venue open every evening and located in downtown Austin’s popular West 6th Street District. The Rattle Inn is a 21+ venue. A current photo ID is required for entry. We’re divided into three different bar areas. The Rattle Inn Whiskey [...]


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  • featured Sidewinder


    (512) 474-1084 0 reviews

    715 Red River St, Austin, Texas 78701

    The Sidewinder Red River Music Venue is a multimedia dual-stage music venue, event space and bar located in the...


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  • Concrete Cowboy Bar

    Concrete Cowboy Bar

    (512) 987-0860 0 reviews

    719 W 6th St, Austin, TX 78701

    Concrete Cowboy, a West 6th Street bar, is the ultimate party bar for grown ups. Concrete Cowboy is the...


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  • Sahara Lounge

    Sahara Lounge

    (512) 927-0700 1 review

    1413 Webberville Rd, Austin, TX 78721

    Sahara Lounge is an inviting Eastside Austin live music venue with a relaxed, eclectic atmosphere. Live shows include Indie,...


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  • GRaj Mahal

    GRaj Mahal

    (512) 480-2255 0 reviews

    73 Rainey St, Austin, TX 78701

    The G’Raj Mahal Cafe & Lounge is a Rainey Street restaurant & bar offering the best of Austin’s atmosphere...


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  • Lucille Patio Lounge

    Lucille Patio Lounge

    (512) 322-9270 0 reviews

    77 Rainey St, Austin, TX 78701

    Lucille Patio Lounge is a Rainey Street bar with a large shaded, dog-friendly patio. Lucille is located in the...


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  • Hillside Farmacy

    Hillside Farmacy

    (512) 628-0168 2 reviews

    1209 E 11th St, Austin, TX 78702

    An East Austin restaurant & bar located in the old Hillside Drugstore building, Hillside Farmacy serves a seasonal menu,...


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  • Ah Sing Den

    Ah Sing Den

    (512) 467-4280 1 review

    1100 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78702

    An Asian influenced East 6th Street Restaurant and Bar, Ah Sing Den’s food lineup includes dishes like salmon nori...


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  • Tiniest Bar in Texas

    Tiniest Bar in Texas

    (512) 277-3607 3 reviews

    817 W 5th St, Austin, TX 78703

    The Tiniest Bar in Texas, downtown Austin bar, is keeping the spirit of Austin alive with cold local Texas...


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  • LUX Lounge

    LUX Lounge

    (512) 826-7690 4 reviews

    620 W 6th St, Austin, TX 78701

    LUX, a luxury West 6th Street Bar. Clean, classy, comfortable, stylish, and upscale. Bottle service classic cocktails. LUX is...


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  • Bat Bar

    Bat Bar

    (512) 474-6363 3 reviews

    218 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78701

    Bat Bar, an Austin 6th Street bar, is a multi-level bar and dance club that features THREE full service...