Bad Larry + Resound Present: Weekend At Larry’s Nov 10th – Nov 14th

Nov 10, 2022
01:00 PM - 07:45 PM

Bad Larry and Resound Presents: Weekend at Larry’s from Nov 10th-Nov 14th!
Nov 10th @ Chess Club with:
Nominee, Rare Bloom, BFF, Special Guest
Tickets available at door.
Nov 11th @ Empire Garage with:
Recover, Hot Rod Circuit, The Casket Lottery, Mall Walker
Nov 12th @ Lolo with:
Tickets available at door.
Nov 13th @ Hotel Vegas with:
Whores, Cherubs, Rickshaw Billies, Fuck Money, Pinko
Nov 14th @ Little Brother with:
The Grasshopper Lies Heavy w/ Special Guests
Tickets available at door.
Burgers or food popups from Buds at each event.

Hotel Vegas offers live music just about every day of the week. Full bar, live music, large backyard outdoor space. Located on eclectic East 6th Street.