Butter & Jam Vibe Sessions at Hotel Vegas

9pm – Doors
featuring 12 & Chicon St. Band!
(Two Sets)
$7 cash at the door | 21+
Butter N Jam Vibe Sessions: It’s genesis was a meeting between Dave Manley and Dozen Street’s owner/operator Maydee Distefano both from Philadelphia, PA. From there Manley recruited CJ Edwards a.k.a. Shorti C and D Madness and the Vibe Session was given birth June 4th 2014 named by Maydee ‘Butter N Jam ‘.
The night has played host to players coming through Austin,Tx in the historical entertainment district in the middle of the East side on 12th and Chicon, provoking an new era in the history of the continuously gentrified area slowly losing its culture. Manley left to go back to Philly and Edwards continued along with Jon Deas, Reggie Coby, Anthony “Deuce” Monroe, Myke J, Rex Simmons, Marcus Clark, Danny Thompson, Ter’rell LeCrese, Mario ‘Meo’ Soul, and D Madness moving forward. The night is a place for musicians to huddle in the middle of the week between gigs and riff on familiar favorites, improvise on ideas, network, celebrate, mourn and grow as a musical community. It also celebrates the influence of the Black community’s influence on the culture of the city, state, nation and world.

Hotel Vegas offers live music just about every day of the week. Full bar, live music, large backyard outdoor space. Located on eclectic East 6th Street.