CAPYAC Forever at Empire

Heard & Samosa Jones Present:
CAPYAC Forever – a 2-Night Album Release Party at Empire
with support from Ranch Rider Spirits and Voodoo Ranger
?: 18+ w/ $5 minor surcharge
Doors: 7pm
Show: 8pm
August 20th
Urban Heat
Flora & Fawna
The Stacks
Viben & the Submersibles
Lord Friday the 13th

August 21st
Eimaral Sol
The Bishops
1222 (DJ Set)
Alesia Lani
Chucky Blk
Mama Duke

the vulture calls your name from afar, but you are 4 days in the desert, wandering and thirsty and seeing things on the horizon. you don’t hear him. but then the lizard crawls onto your back and whispers “energy” into your ear. it gives you the strength of a tornado and you fly east, across the Mojave, following the smell of the wet dew.
suddenly the day breaks and night falls and day breaks again and the egg breaks upon your head and you are wearing a tuxedo and above you is the enormous Boob of Life — it squelches upon you and your fate is sealed. next thing you know, you are bobbing in a crowd of friends, strangers, and local celebrities. “where are you?” you cry out to the lizard. “where am I?” you cry out to the vulture. and they answer in chorus: “CAPYAC FOREVER
15 bands. 2 stages. 2 nights. both nights? capyac set. release party. be there or you literally WON’T have been there — which you may regret for the rest of your life.

Empire, a Red River District Austin Live Music venue, is a 15,000 square foot modern music space presenting Austin's best live music on unique 3 stages.