LIMITED EDITION: A Kinda-Cosplay Cabaret – the 100% Unofficial Austin Dragfest Kickoff!

Apr 5, 2023
10:00 PM

Join us at Valhalla on April 5 for LIMITED EDITION: A Kinda-Cosplay Cabaret!

Fandom fun featuring faves from faraway, this one-night-only shindig is the 100% UNofficial Austin International Drag Fest kickoff – with just a tiny preview of the incredible traveling talent being featured at the festival April 6-9 (visit for more info on the festival).

– Alezz Andro (Lima, Peru)
– Crimson Kitty (NYC, NY)
– Danny Fox-Trot (Dallas, TX)
– Freddy Prinze Charming (Phoenix, AZ)
– Heathen (Vancouver, BC)
– Jupiter (Nashville, TN)
– Nitrix Oxide (San Francisco, CA)
– Owen Alimony and Asia Consent (Portland, OR)
– Salem LeStrange (Nashville, TN)
– Spank Knightly (Champaign-Urbana, IL)
Hosted by:
– Mercury Divine (San Francisco, CA)

Also starring…… YOU?! We’ll be saving a little time in the show for some audience signups – so if watching the visitors gets YOU inspired to play, snag one of those slots during intermission and get in on the fun! All skill levels and all types of performance are welcome!!
At the end of the show, we will also be playing Drag Roulette – a low-pressure, very silly, and totally improvised rapidfire performance bonanza. So get in line and get ready to make some stuff up!

$11 cover – $6 drink specials – bring dollars for tips!

See you in Valhalla, friends! (And then we’ll see you at the AUSTIN INTERNATIONAL DRAG FESTIVAL afterward, April 6-9 – don’t miss it!)

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