Poo Poo Platter: A Black Mass to Free Britney

Britney Spears has been “overprotected” for too long and Poo Poo Platter is here to help. On this Friday the 13th we’re gonna summon the dark forces to get us “in the zone” for a black mass to free Britney. We’re gonna “scream and shout”, and dance “till the world ends”.
Featuring the girls of Poo Poo Platter:
Bulimianne Rhapsody
Louisianna Purchase
Arcie Cola
Kitty Buick
Summer Clearance
Special guests:
Mascara Rivers
Good Lucifer
Bettie Pvnk
Doors at 10. Show at 11:30
$5, 18+

Elysium Nightclub, Red River dance club,  has been hosting Austin's alternative nightlife since 2001. The warehouse that Elysium resides in dates back centuries, but since the late 70's it has been home to a variety of entertainment venues. Elysium is one of the longest standing entertainment venues to date.