Poo Poo Platter: a Kim Petras drag tribute

Poo Poo Platter and friends bring you a drag tribute Kim Petras! It’ll be a night where we get “faded” and “party til we die”. And of course it’s a Poo Poo Platter show so “there will be blood”.
Featuring the girls of Poo Poo Platter:
Bulimianne Rhapsody (Camp Wannakiki S3)
Louisianna Purchase (Dragula S3)
Arcie Cola
Kitty Buick
Summer Clearance
Special guests:
Chanel Andrews
Pam Dulce
Veronica Valentine
Doors at 10. Show at 11:30
$10, 18+

Elysium Nightclub, Red River dance club,  has been hosting Austin's alternative nightlife since 2001. The warehouse that Elysium resides in dates back centuries, but since the late 70's it has been home to a variety of entertainment venues. Elysium is one of the longest standing entertainment venues to date.