Scorpio Party! Feat. Pale Dian, Shooks, Strange Lot & More

Saturday, November 5
The Far Out Lounge
Doors at 7:30pm
Presented by Howdy Gals and Mas Music Records!
Everyone knows when they have a Scorpio in their lives, especially when they sting you, but we love them for all their other sexy traits.
Riding the boundaries between dark post punk and ethereal shoegaze. their smudgy esoteric sound is described as “Nightmare Pop”. With influences stretching from Cocteau Twins to Roy Orbison, the pulsing rhythms and swirling sounds play emotional experience and dream state subconsciousness. Their new album “Feral Birth” is out October 23rd, 2022 on Green Witch Records.
Austin, TX based indie rock band Shooks brings a new sound to your favorite stages – integrating different genres and styles from Neo-psych to Post-Punk.
A heady mix of distorted garage pop, psychedelic distortion and beachside sunshine.
Austin alternative rock band with a deep passion for the various other sounds found in modern music. As devoted fans of the Austin music scene, have a unique appreciation for fellow acts and collaborators.
+ Far Out Vintage Mall Vendors
+ Tarot Card Readings
+ Live Art
+ All Ages
+ Pet Friendly
$10 / $5 for SCORPIO:
PLEASE NOTE: Parking is limited, and rideshares are encouraged!
* * *
The Far Out Lounge is located at 8504 South Congress.

The Liberty is the go-to, dog-friendly East 6th Street dive bar with a picnic table-filled patio & a food truck in the back.