“You’ve gotta dance like there’s somebody’s watching,
Run like you’ll never be hurt,
Scream cuz there’s nobody listening,
And dance like it’s hell on earth.”
It’s fricking SLASHDANCE!
18+ ($8 for 21+ and $10 for those in between)
Join us to dance the night away with this killer 80s-themed Slasher dance party! Surrounded by the icons of horror, monsters and lasers!
MUSIC: KiIller retro hits by DJ Minimus! Playing the best of the 80s/90s. Various genres – whatever gets you to bust a move.
SLASHER PHOTO BOOTH: Take pics with some of your favorite horror icons (Jason, Freddy, Myers, Leatherface and more?) in the selfie photo booth. Times for when each icon will be at the booth will be posted at a later date)
SLASHERS & MONSTERS ON THE DANCE FLOOR: When the Icons aren’t chillin’ in the photo booth, they’ll be shaking their monster makers with the crowd. Maybe we can get Freddy and Jason to have a dance off?! You’ll also be dancing right next to the undead so start working on your bodacious dance moves.
VENDORS: We’re selecting some totally bitchin’ vendors that specialize in horror nostalgia, so get ready to shop till you drop.
DEADLY DINKS (Horror/Cult/Pop Culture/Fun Jewelry!!)
SHORT FUSE STUDIOS (Horror, music, and classic cult-themed artwork in charcoal and watercolor.)
HORROR VIDEOS: Enjoy the special horror video montages on the screens – featuring the best retro horror icons that transformed the horror movie genre.
DRESS TO SLAY! Feel free to come in our 80s/90s best. Or even monster yourself out. Allllll are welllcome.
LASERS: Need we say more.
We’re so excited to have a summer slasher dance party, we’re wigging out. See you fiends there!

Elysium Nightclub, Red River dance club,  has been hosting Austin's alternative nightlife since 2001. The warehouse that Elysium resides in dates back centuries, but since the late 70's it has been home to a variety of entertainment venues. Elysium is one of the longest standing entertainment venues to date.