The Big Bash

An Improv Dream Team – Austin Chronicle
I´ve never laughed so hard in my life. – TripAdvisor
Easily one of the best parts about visiting Austin. – Yelp Austin
The Big Bash`s all-star lineup of performers will kick off your weekend with games, scenes and improvised stories in the audience´s favorite genres. This show combines the very best parts of the Hideout´s award-winning shows and award-winning improv comedians. The Big Bash is a guaranteed hilarious date night, company outing, bachelorette party, and more.
“With The Big Bash, we´re stacking the deck for an awesome night out,” said Hideout Theatre Artistic Director Roy Janik. “We´ve gathered a cast of top-notch performers with years of experience and created a show that is accessible, surprising, and hilarious.”
Join our spectacular award-winning cast and crew, Fridays at 8pm for The Big Bash: All-Star Improv.

The Hideout is a Downtown Austin, Texas improv comedy theater with shows and classes every week. Show calendar, class information, tickets, and directions.