The Selena Sing-A-Long Show

May 13, 2023
07:00 PM - 08:30 PM

“Okay, hear me out. What if we did an improv show, but it was a sing along, too?
You know how they do those `Rocky Horror Picture Show´ sing-a-longs?
Kind of like those jukebox musicals like `Mamma Mia´ and `Movin Out´ where you take an artist/band and do a show inspired by their songs?
But it´s inspired by Selena? The Queen of Tejano?”
That´s the pitch we got from The Selena Sing-A-Long Show director Jess von Schramm and everyone was like…um this is the BEST idea.
The Selena Sing-A-Long Show is a show about a young girl with a big dream! As we follow her from teen years into adulthood, as we watch her triumphs and learn about her dreams, we´ll all feel that moment and we´ll all know…it´s time to play a Selena song.
And we´ll have monitors displaying the lyrics so everyone can sing at the top of their lungs!
Cast, audience, everyone!
And since everyone is singing, it´s not important if you can sing well.
Just like in karaoke!
It´s basically combining karaoke and improv.
Although some of the Selena songs we sing will be in Spanish, the show itself will be in English (with maybe *some* Spanish phrases splashed throughout if we are inspired), speaking or understanding Spanish is NOT a requirement to enjoy this show!
We can´t wait to Baila Esta Cumbia!

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