The Sound of Made Up Music

Improv is busting out all over!
Welcome to The Sound of Made-Up Music, an all-improvised full-scale musical inspired by the joy of Rogers and Hammerstein musicals!
Each night of The Sound of Made-Up Music will be completely different, no one will ever see the musical you´ve just seen when you see The Sound of Made Up Music.
In The Sound of Made Up Music you´ll see characters like Maria and the Baron from The Sound of Music or Billy and Julie from Carousel or Laurey, Curly and Jud from Oklahoma! You´ll see a full-blown musical set against a sweeping backdrop full of passionate characters who know…a song is not a song until you SING! IT!
It may be hard to believe once you see it, but in The Sound of Made Up Music, the music is fully improvised, the lyrics are fully improvised, the dialogue is fully improvised, the relationships are fully improvised.
The skilled improvisers The Sound of Made Up Music, led by B. Iden Payne Award winning director Mallory Schlossberg and musical director Iara Paz Nabia, have spent months studying the musicals of Rogers and Hammerstein and other classic musicals, studying the tone and styles of the legends! Your heart will want to sing every song it hears!
We ain´t sayin´ The Sound of Improvised Music is better than a classic musical, but we´ll be damned if I ain´t just as good!
Directed by Mallory Schlossberg
Musical director: Iara Paz Nabia
Lights: Amanda McIntyre
Sound: Eric Rodriguez
Costumes/tech swings: Lisa Sperry, Estelle Paus
Stage manager: Kit Brooks
Acting ensemble:
Joe Balfantz, Jerod Robert Espinosa-Setchko, Kelly Hasandras, Lisa Michelle Jackson, María Cristina Lalonde, Brennan Lee, Mickey May, Thelma Rosana, Mallory Schlossberg, Graham Snow, Sunaina Suhag, Katie Traughber, Jonathan Wachala, Sawyer Wade

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