Back to the Future in 35mm

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Over 30 years ago, Michael J. Fox & Christopher Lloyd took us on an era-hopping adventure with BACK TO THE FUTURE as the ’80s raddest time travelin’ teen and his unlikely sidekick – a crazy, wild-eyed, wild-haired scientist. What rose from those flame trails is the heaviest sci-fi comedy ever made – one that is often considered “the perfect movie” without hyperbole. (Find someone who doesn’t love this movie and I’ll show you a slacker!).

From Fox & Lloyd’s comedic rapport to the DeLorean – a time machine with some style – to the film’s basic premise of “What could happen if you could go back in time and meet your parents?” (Would you think they were cool? Or more importantly, would your mom try and get you drunk and make out with you?), we saw some serious business in BACK TO THE FUTURE.