Bob’s Burgers Social Distance Trivia Night

Event Details

Starts: May 5, 2021
Ends: May 4, 2021

Join us for an entire night of trivia about Bob’s Burgers!
We’re finally back with live trivia! We’ve got plenty of space for social distancing and are bringing you a great night of spread out trivia.
Safety First! Teams will be spread out at distanced picnic tables. Make sure that at least one player on your team has a fully charged phone. This quiz will be played electronically, so no answer sheets have to be exchanged.
Free to play. Drink specials! Prizes!
21+ and teams up to 6 players welcome.
Get there early. We’re going to play some General Knowledge trivia starting at 6:30, then our Bobs quiz starts right at 7:30.
We’ll have some themed drinks and tons of fun. Tag your teammates and spread the word. Bob’s Burgers trivia is coming up soon!

Event Venue

Hotel Vegas
(646) 634-9973
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