Girlie Night: She’s The Man Movie Party

Event Details

In many ways, SHE’S THE MAN follows in the grand tradition of late ’90s teen comedies. It’s based on a Shakespeare play (Twelfth Night), and it features a sprawling cast of blandly attractive actors and an insane number of montages set to pop songs. The script was even co-written by the same team that brought us 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU and LEGALLY BLONDE.

But SHE’S THE MAN is far from your average high school movie, and much of that is due to an absolutely bonkers performance by Amanda Bynes as Viola, a girl pretending to be her brother so she can show the world that female soccer players are just as good as males. With cringe-worthy flailing and mind-blowing histrionics, Bynes is committed to her role in a way that is both hilarious and singularly strange. It wouldn’t be surprising to find her as the subject of numerous dissertations on acting, because her turn as girl cross-dressing as a boy is that fascinating.

SHE’S THE MAN also gave us the gift of Channing Tatum and his abs* in their first major big screen appearance, and for that contribution alone, this film should be given the highest honors, which is why we’re celebrating it with the full Movie Party treatment, complete with themed props. At this Girlie Night screening, we encourage you to quote along with your favorite lines, swoon along with all of that Channing hotness and cheer along as Viola fights the patriarchy. Because when it comes to (soccer) balls, she really is the man.

*In terms of comedic muscles, David Cross’ turn as the school principal is criminally underrated.