Heyrocco w/ Reality Something, Wax Dream at Empire 12/2

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Heard Presents:
Heyrocco with Reality Something & Wax Dream
at #EmpireATX Control Room on 12/2

?: http://bit.ly/Heyrocco_Dec2
?: 18+ w/ $5 cash minor surcharge at the door
?: 8pm

? HeyRocco ?

“The relationship between Heyrocco and their fanbase knows no boundaries” states one fan, “When at a show, you instantly become part of the band and what they’re doing. They’re like magicians, provoking the audience just as they provoke one another onstage.” Known for their unpredictable sets and uncanny stage antics, the newly L.A.-based trio look to return to the limelight in 2019 for another shot at glory.

On Mexican Ashtray, Heyrocco reveal a mature, sweeter side to their primarily brash and jangly sound. “Some people have something to prove you know, that’s not really why we’re here.” says singer Nate Merli “We aim to create an escape from reality for like-minded, independent thinkers. A place where you can think for yourself and do whatever it is you like to do.”

The group last left us with Waiting On Cool, the rather infectious follow up to their critically acclaimed debut Teenage Movie Soundtrack, which proved to be a stepping stone for the group landing them a record deal and various tours in the U.S., U.K., CAN, & Europe.

Between the melodies, message, style, and attitude, Heyrocco are quickly becoming one of the most underrated, important bands in history.

? Reality Something ?

“Dirty Money is like a fake rock opera that I created two characters for,” explains Kingsley Brock, lead guitarist for gritty Nashville band Reality Something. “Elena (Franklin – vocals/guitar) sings the part of the main character who’s easily influenced by ads, social media or reality TV, and and I’m a bad angel on her shoulder, tempting her with what you ‘need’ to have, and look like in order to be happy.”

It’s the new first song the band has released since their 2018 debut album Life Noise, on taste-making Nashville label Infinity Cat. That record saw the band taking their sound and themselves to new heights, touring nationally for the first time. They’ve been painstakingly working on their second album since, and now the band are back with “Dirty Money” and a fall co-headline tour with Brooklyn-based band High Waisted.

While the band’s previous material was primarily written by Elena, “Dirty Money” was written by Kingsley, who played guitar in critically acclaimed garage rock band Turbo Fruits. Kingsley and Elena met at a Turbo Fruits show in LA and had an instant connection, prompting Elena to move from LA to Nashville a month later, where she taught herself to play guitar and started Reality Something. Around that same time it became clear that Reality Something was the perfect creative vehicle for her and Kingsley to collaborate on. They’re rounded out by drummer Ethan Place (who Elena lovingly refers to as her & Kingsley’s “weird third twin”) and new bassist Davis Haley.