Kids Camp: Kung Fu Panda

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All Kids Camp summer screenings are Pick Your Price – $1, $3, $5 – with 100% of ticket sales donated to these local non-profits: ATX Kids Club, Givens Swims by Forklift Danceworks, Kids in a New Groove, Saint Louise House, Ruby’s Rainbow and Special Olympics Texas.

“We are noodle folk,” Po’s father tells him. “Broth runs through our veins.” But Po, the paunchy hero of KUNG FU PANDA, believes he comes from different stock: He entertains fantasies of being the Dragon Warrior, the ultimate fighting machine.

A lively, gorgeously animated, and consistently funny fable about fulfilling your potential and exceeding even your own expectations, KUNG FU PANDA scores as both a delightful spoof of martial arts movies and as a showcase for Jack Black, who provides the voice for Po. But Black is only one of the potent personalities in PANDA. Angelina Jolie, Lucy Liu, Ian McShane, and martial arts legend Jackie Chan all bring their A-game voices to the high-kicking fun.