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Can’t wait one more minute for the next installment of your favorite television series based on *COUGH* Porge R.R. Smartin’s A Tong of Lice and Ire? Look no further because the Hideout Theatre will be improvising the next episode of Name of Stones every Sunday night at 7:30pm (during the new season of the show) and then inviting you to stick around for a viewing party of the actual episode at 9pm.
Winter is HERE, and every week is a completely new episode beginning, middle and end, featuring all of your favorite characters as we discover what exciting, intriguing and possibly fatal adventures they’re up to. We’ll be taking suggestions from the audience, so if you think you know what should happen next or have a funny idea, come help us decide what happens in this week’s episode!
Who’s next on Arya’s hit list? Will Jon Snow keep making terrible decisions? What the hell does Sansa think she’s doing with Littlefinger? How hype can you get for Cleganebowl? Who gets to ride the dragons?
Every week is a brand new show, and afterward you’re invited to stick around for a free screening party of the actual episode (with suggested drinking games).