Texas Tuesday Happy Hour’s

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As a young man, he is faced with challenges, but Texas Whiskey was born to be a leader. He is independent and hard working offering something for everyone. He favors the bold and those willing to go against the norm. His following is few but passionate. Overshadowed by whiskeys that are older with larger followings he knows it won’t be easy to earn his rightful place.

As he looks to the fight ahead he remembers how our forefathers fought bravely for independence against overwhelming odds. Outnumbered and with fewer resources, they fought with a fierce tenacity. “Remember the Alamo” and “Come and Take It” will forever be the battle cries we remember in the revolution to gain our independence.

Now outnumbered by the larger forces of Scotch, Kentucky Bourbon, and Irish Whiskey, he is fighting for his home in your bar, your shelf, your cabinets, and your hearts.

Texas Whiskey is asking for your help.

Will you heed the call?