Weird Wednesday: Rock & Rule (in 35m!)

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Finally, a movie that answers the question: what if the music industry was ruled by a fascist villain who wanted to gain supernatural power by summoning a demon? For fans of rock ‘n’ roll and animation the period of 1981-1983 was a heyday: HEAVY METAL in 1981 and ROCK & RULE in 1983 were like feature length music video compilations with juvenile plots, Canadian animation and boppin’ soundtracks. The (still unreleased to this day) ROCK & RULE soundtrack features Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, Debbie Harry, Cheap Trick and Earth, Wind, & Fire. The aforementioned fascist villain, MOK, is a sleazy, slimy singer with an ego the size of the CN Tower and a devious plan that involves kidnapping a young woman with a golden voice. This charming feature never quite gained the cult following of HEAVY METAL, but hindsight is 2020. It’s better.

35mm print courtesy of the UCLA Film & Television Archive