Weird Wednesday: Southland Tales

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Writer-director Richard Kelly goes down the road not taken in his follow-up to DONNIE DARKO. Ahead of its time and more relevant than ever, SOUTHLAND TALES returns to the big screen a triumphant cult classic!

In a dark world where Texas is destroyed by nuclear war – the future becomes more futuristic than scientists predicted. In the dystopian paradise of Southern California, an action star has amnesia, an adult film star goes mainstream with reality TV, a cop uncovers deep trouble. Sound familiar? SOUTHLAND TALES takes all this and blows up the chemical equilibrium in your brain!

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson! Sara Michelle Gellar! Justin Timberlake! Mandy Moore! Sean William Scott! Pop stars! ! Teen icons! Former wrestlers! Jon Lovitz? SOUTHLAND TALES is a newly restored, surreal trip into the near future! (Jazmyne Moreno)