The Historic Scoot Inn

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The Historic Scoot Inn was established in 1871 and has been an iconic East Austin landmark ever since. One of the best indoor and outdoor Austin live music venues with free street parking and two full service bars. This dive bar also has a food trailer in its large beer garden patio. It’s been in business off and on for over 140 years, making it one on the oldest beer-slinging honky-tonks in Texas. These days, its home to an eclectic music scene where, on any given night, you’ll run into acts as diverse as Mayer Hawthorne, Brownout, EL-P, or Spoon. Folks who can balance a beer while scoring at Skee-ball will love this place.

Notable Mentions
“Best Retro Bar on the Eastside” Austin Chronicle 2005
“Best Bar Interior” Austin Chronicle 2008

Austin Indie Night at The Scoot Inn

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8 reviews

  1. Nicki D., Feb 24, 2014 - The Historic Scoot Inn

    I am in LOVE with the make-over! IDK when it happened, but I LOVE the big new fence, and the deck.. its it enormous and awesome.

    We went last week for the MapJam, and I hadn’t been in well over a year. WHY, IDK, because this is exactly the type of venue that I absolutely adore.

    I can’t speak for the drinks, or service, because I didn’t drink. We were at an all ages show, and I had 2 17 year olds with me, but if I had them write this review, they’d be singing praises of Scoot for having an all ages show. I applaud them for allowing it, even though there was like 5 underage kids there– it was perfect & appropriate.

    Can’t wait to go back for my next show.

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  2. Erik W., Jun 10, 2014 - The Historic Scoot Inn

    Where can you buy a $10 ticket to go see 5 bands play, buy vintage clothing, watch live art, eat tacos from Cazamance, and swim in kiddie pools? Well, if you’re reading this review you already know.

    A week ago I went to the Scoot Inn for the first time and really enjoyed myself. It’s east Austin so the people watching here is phenomenal. Even if you don’t like music, it’s worth going for that alone.

    Parking is scarce in the east side, so make sure you plan appropriately. Ladies should probably avoid wearing heels here as seating is quite scarce.

    Dranks are strong and relatively inexpensive considering this is a concert venue. I think it was around $7-$8 for a Jameson and ginger.

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  3. Colin S., Aug 04, 2014 - The Historic Scoot Inn

    As the oldest bar in Austin, The Historic Scoot Inn has infinite hipster cred (ugh…the Scoot Inn is SO OVER). And it’s turned into quite the decent music venue. The past few years have seen it transform from a run-down shack into a much classier establishment, now complete with a giant wooden deck. I’ve been to a handful of music concerts (SXSW, Scootenanny!, etc.) and social events here and it’s always been a blast. With the continued eastward expansion of the downtown nightlife, Scoot Inn no longer seems that far away from the rest of the city. You’re just a block away from East/Hipster Sixth Street. Go Forth.

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  4. Courtney M., Oct 28, 2014 - The Historic Scoot Inn

    THE SCOOT INN. Nice! I appreciate your upgrades as much as I appreciate your Lone Star Tall Boys. Some folks probably want to get down on The Scoot Inn for “catering to the hipsters” or changing with the times (as is much of the East Side). I think it’s just smart. They’re booking bigger names, drawing in crowds on a consistent basis and actually made me want to come back… That’s a 5-Star move IMO.

    Benches out front on the new patio. Shotgun shell string lights. Ski Ball inside. Creaky old floors still in tact. Bathroom stalls that shut/lock. Nice stage outside with really amazing lights. Multiple beer stations (don’t go inside unless you want a big line – usually they only staff 1-2 peeps during small-medium size shows).

    The one thing that’s a bit of a downer is the entry system – will call, purchase tickets, already have tickets, etc. All the same line on the side of the Scoot.

    Thanks for a great time guys. See you again soon!

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  5. Joseph M., Nov 22, 2014 - The Historic Scoot Inn

    Fun place and cheap drinks. Staff are awesome and never had to try and flag a bartender down. Very attentive and was fun to see Tim Reynolds play. Look forward to scooting again.

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  6. Travis B., Nov 26, 2014 - The Historic Scoot Inn

    I got there at 4pm and the crew was innside having a meeting. Someone comes over, as the meeting is ending, and smile asking, “Are you a customer?”, then proceeds to welcome me as if I were an expected guest! The manager, who met me as I walked in, then introduced me to two of the other employees as a family member would.

    I sat down, was served some cold suds, then chatted with the family/employees and had a great time (fully content regardless that my chum, whom I was there to meet, was running late)!

    Y’all, as things got busies through the eve I never lost this welcome sense and felt totally comfy, like a regular.

    The outdoors is awesome, the inside is rich and wonderful, they have skee ball, kiddos (and brewskee tournaments, at that), and live music all-the-time!!

    Will I go back? Soon! Hell, I asked for a job there (I’m not making that up)!!

    Please visit, stay a while, enjoy the environment, the camaraderie, the bevvies, and some tunes.

    Scoot Inn…keep being rad (this isn’t a charge, this is a “do it ’cause you can’t not” salutation)! I will keep coming back.

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  7. Erik P., Dec 07, 2014 - The Historic Scoot Inn

    I heard the Historic Scoot Inn has been around for well over 100 years, so I wasn’t surprised to see & feel that old-time nostalgia. Exterior: From one angle it looks like a barn, from another angle it looks like a run-down warehouse, and from another it looks like a saloon. Interior: It has an old-school Austin look, with slight modern upgrades. ALL of this adds to the unique ambiance of this cool place.

    I was fortunate enough to visit the Scoot Inn for the first time for the Big KRIT Pay Attention Tour. (Side Note: The event was awesome and we all had a great time.) While the outside of the venue doesn’t seem all that large, the inside is pretty roomy. It accommodated the hundreds of fans with ease. It has a wooden deck where the bar is located, an adequate (but not large) stage, and copper-colored gravel that unfortunately left my vehicle’s floorboard filthy! With that single negative out of the way, I loved everything else about the place. I wasn’t able to tour the entire place, but there seemed to be in indoor section with bar and some games, I saw a food-truck (maybe deserts?) towards the front part of the venue too.

    I will definitely be back here, if not for another show then definitely just to hang out and see the place when it’s not so jam-packed. “Keep Austin Weird!”

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  8. Solomon W., Dec 27, 2014 - The Historic Scoot Inn

    Scoot Inn feels much like a smaller version of Stubb’s. Though it seems to have more history of course. Surprisingly, they catch some pretty neat shows passing through town and tickets are affordable.

    Give this venue a few years, and it will be old. But, I can see it really getting big. I mean, isn’t that how much concert halls get big?

    As most people have noted, they are adapting to the times… a folky venue catering to hipsters, many of whom want to play skee-ball.

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